Fit and Healthy 29-Year-Old Mother Dies Suddenly On Her Couch in Front of Her Toddler

Fit and Healthy 29-Year-Old Mother Dies Suddenly On Her Couch in Front of Her Toddler

This story is just so sad to me. As you know, I am reporting on as many of these “sudden deaths” of young people as I can. Although there are so many of them, I can hardly keep up. And just imagine all the stories we don’t hear about. Yesterday we did two or three stories like this, and the day before was the same. It’s almost an everyday occurrence — young, healthy people just dropping dead, and oddly enough, nobody seems to want to look into what the hell is going on.

Because I can tell you one thing — this isn’t normal.

And yes, here I am again, to tell you a very sad story about a young, fit, and healthy mom, by the name of Nicole Barnes who was only 29-years-old, and she died suddenly, in her home, and while she lay there dead on the couch, her little 3-year-old toddler, lay next to her.

Dear God, that is heartbreaking. 

Daily Mail reported that a mother of four has been found dead next to her three-year-old daughter.

Nicole Barnes, 29, was discovered at her home in Huyton, a suburb of Liverpool, after she failed to pick up her older children from school.

She was found dead on a couch in her house after teachers rang up her partner Craig Sharnock, 36, to ask why she was not there.

Her little girl Delilah, three, was fine but now faces life without her mother, alongside siblings Nieve, ten, Scott, seven, and Tom, five.

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Ms Barnes’ friend Gemma tried to resuscitate her while waiting for the paramedics but she could not be saved.

The mother’s cause of death is unknown, with a post-mortem examination awaited to shed light on the sudden tragedy.

The family has said that Nicole was very healthy and that she never had anything wrong with her, before this bizarre and very “sudden” incident.

‘She just passed away on the couch. She was an absolutely gorgeous young girl. She didn’t have a bad bone in her body.

‘She was an absolutely amazing mum, and she did everything with such grace. She was a better mum than I ever could be.

‘She had loads of issues with getting her five-year-old into help and into school because of his autism but she didn’t stop.

She fought and fought until he got everything he ever needed.’

The stay-at-home mum’s family is waiting for results from the autopsy to find out why she died, reports the Liverpool Echo.

I am really happy to hear that the family will be getting an autopsy. I truly hope that they will find the answers they need to heal and find closure from this tragedy.

I also hope that somebody with a big platform and resources starts looking into these “sudden” deaths because something isn’t right. I am not suggesting that every death is “suspicious” because I know people can OD on drugs, take their own lives, or even have hidden medical conditions that they didn’t know about.

I get all that. 

But also, we need to take into consideration that many people in this world have been taking a vaccine and a series of boosters over the past couple of years, and to just write that off as not the issue, without a massive investigation, is irresponsible, and weird.

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