2nd Woman Comes Out Against Herschel Walker Less Than Two Weeks Before Election

2nd Woman Comes Out Against Herschel Walker Less Than Two Weeks Before Election

Herschel Walker, a Georgia Republican running for the Senate, is being accused by a second woman of having an affair with her and pressing her to get an abortion when she fell pregnant.

She claims that the adamantly anti-abortion politician had an affair with her in the late 1980s and early 1990s when he was still married. Well-known attorney Gloria Allred held a news conference in Dallas on Wednesday to announce her representation of the anonymous lady.

This comes after a bombshell was dropped on Walker’s campaign recently when the mother of one of his children, an ex-girlfriend of Walker, revealed proof that he had paid for her to get an abortion.


Allred provided proof of her client’s relationship with Walker during the online news conference, including a hotel room photo, a phone message, hotel receipts, and love letters with the initial “H.” Walker previously refuted the accusation that he sent a “Get Well” card to his first abortion complainant by asserting that he never wrote his name on cards.

The unidentified accuser, who claimed she felt moved to speak up after witnessing Walker dispute the charge that he pressured his ex-girlfriends to get abortions, was also heard at the conference.

She claimed, “Herschel Walker claims he opposes women getting abortions, but he forced me to get one.

The lady said she had a sexual relationship with Walker for years and hoped he would get rid of his wife so they could be together all the time. After telling Walker about her unexpected pregnancy during this brief relationship, Walker “encouraged me to get an abortion, and offered me the money to do so.”

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She went on: “I visited a facility in Dallas, but I was unable to follow through. I sobbed as I left the clinic. Herschel was distraught when I told him what had occurred, and he promised to accompany me to the abortion clinic the next day. The following day, he brought me to the clinic and waited in the parking lot for hours until I emerged. He then took me home after dropping me off to pick up the needed drugs and supplies. I was inconsolable because I believed I had been forced to have an abortion. I sensed Herschel starting to distance himself from me after the abortion. A few days after the abortion, I left Dallas. I was so horrified by what Herschel had done to me that I didn’t even go back to visit for the following 15 years.”

Insisting that her arguments are not motivated by politics and that voters should reject Walker due to his political dishonesty and moral shortcomings, the woman completed her speech.

She declared, “I’m a registered independent and I supported Donald Trump in both elections. “I am coming out and offering evidence because I do not think Herschel is ethically qualified to be a U.S. senator.”

Walker and Sen. Raphael Warnock, a Democratic challenger, are engaged in a pivotal race that might determine which political party controls the upper house of Congress in the upcoming legislative session. Despite the controversies, Walker has maintained support from the local and national Republican parties. Gov. Brian Kemp said to the Washington Examiner that he will support Warnock in the race on November 8.

Walker has received support from Republican Senators Rick Scott of Florida, the head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and Tom Cotton of Arkansas. For Republicans, a victory for Walker would be a big coup after Georgia, formerly a solidly red state, switched sides in the 2020 presidential race as well as two Senate runoffs.




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