Midterms 2022: AZ Dem Gubernatorial Candidate Katie Hobbs Dodges Media To Avoid Questions

Midterms 2022: AZ Dem Gubernatorial Candidate Katie Hobbs Dodges Media To Avoid Questions

In order to avoid being questioned by an activist, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs withdrew inside a restaurant restroom. She didn’t emerge until a staff member and car arrived to take her away.

While seeming to be eating outdoors at a restaurant, a representative from the activist organization Project Veritas Action (PVA), renowned for its hidden camera stings, approached Hobbs, the Democratic contender for the position of Arizona’s next governor. Hobbs promptly rushed to leave after PVA press secretary R.C. Maxwell made an introduction, spilling her glass in the process.

In an effort to get information out of Hobbs, Maxwell questioned her about remarks she and her employees made during PVA sting operations against the Hobbs campaign.

Director Hobbs? Maxwell approached Hobbs and inquired. Hobbs, who appeared astonished, said, “Oh my God.”


“How is everything? I’m Maxwell, and I didn’t want to scare you there,” he continued. “I have a quick inquiry I’d like to ask you about,” You have a lovely day, Hobbs said, before getting up and exiting the outside eating area after spilling her drink. Maxwell went after.

Maxwell said, “I simply wanted to question you about some statements you’ve made on undercover video regarding having a hatred for talking politics, ma’am. He was making reference to a covert video in which Hobbs can be heard telling the tale of how she declined to discuss her work with an Uber driver because she didn’t want to speak politics with “someone who I don’t know.”

Hobbs started to move down the street while continuing to dodge Maxwell’s queries. Later footage showed her leaving the altercation with Maxwell by using the restroom inside the restaurant. Later, a familiar face appeared and led Hobbs past Maxwell and from the restaurant to a car that was waiting in the parking lot.

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Hobbs has declined to engage in a face-to-face debate with Republican Kari Lake. Hobbs has labeled Lake a “conspiracy theorist” and asserted that any discussion with Lake would result in anarchy. Hobbs has advocated for a format that would mimic back-to-back town halls with each candidate in place of a debate.

Hobbs has been criticized by Lake for her unwillingness to participate in a discussion. Although Lake had suggested it, Hobbs never agreed to let him decide the debate’s parameters.

“I made it really simple for her. She determines the time, date, and moderator. She even had the option to draft all of the questions, but Lake declared in a campaign video that was uploaded online in September that she preferred to hide from the electorate and allow Soros and other dark money to spend millions on attack advertising against me.





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