BBC Reporter Claims Tense Shootout in Ukraine, But People in Background Are Calmly Walking Their Dogs

BBC Reporter Claims Tense Shootout in Ukraine, But People in Background Are Calmly Walking Their Dogs

It’s really hard to know who or what to believe nowadays. There’s so much fake news floating around. But one thing we don’t talk about enough is the “propaganda news.” And believe it or not, propaganda news is much different and much more dangerous than your average run-of-the-mill fake news. The two may seem one and the same, but they’re not. Fake News is a story that somebody got wrong, either on purpose or by mistake.

They could be running the fake news piece to hurt someone’s reputation or sway public opinion, and yes, that is similar to propaganda, but propaganda is misleading information that is used to promote a political cause or social/political point of view.

Fake news is a smear tactic that can be used successfully along with propaganda to intensify results.

But what sets propaganda apart from other fake news is the propagandist who is working artfully to alter people’s understanding through deception and confusion rather than persuasion and understanding.

Most often you’ll see propaganda used by governments. All governments, not just Russia and North Korea. America is one big propaganda machine. But, activist groups, companies, and the media, and also dabble very heavily in propaganda. And when all of these entities agree on one political and social doctrine, that’s when you can get inundated with non-stop propaganda.

Propaganda is very, very controlled. Fake news is like a wave. You throw it out there and social media and it sort of takes its own shape and does its own thing.

Trust me, propaganda is very dangerous and can get people killed. Just look at the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” nonsense. Our government likely knew that was all fake, but they created this strong “propaganda narrative” that led us into forever wars and killed so many people.

And that brings me to a tweet a saw today online when I was looking for interesting things for you.

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It’s an image from the BBC. It’s a reporter embedded in Ukraine, he’s crouched down, wearing a helmet and bulletproof vest, He’s got his microphone, and is apparently reporting that there are tense scenes and shootouts.

Meanwhile, in the background are people walking around nonchalantly, and even walking their dogs.

Is this propaganda?

Many would say, yes, it certainly is.

I am not exactly sure when this photo was taken, but clearly during this “Ukraine/Russia” conflict.

The reporter’s name is Jeremy Bowen, and yes, this is a very real photo. I did a reverse image search on it, and it’s attached to this article.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Here’s the BBC giving CNN a run for its money”

“It’s too bad that everyone that watches this trash @BBCBreaking @BBCPolitic doesn’t realize that much like @CNN, they’re just paid actors with no ethics, reading from a script.”

“Is it really the media’s job to make sure the citizens keep paying for the fraud and waste that befalls them?”

“”jornalism” at is best”

“I am getting the feeling that “journalism” is just another word for “acting”

“No it is all fake. The “war” is not happening.”

“Whole thing is a movie now”

“Like an episode of “Drop the dead donkey”. BBC spoofers”

“The BBC is more suited to be an agency for acting talent, not a news agency”

“It looks like the BBC took the Weather Channel class on Fake Suspense in Reporting A Crisis that failed to develop where you are.”

Perception is reality. Do better, BBC.”

All about propaganda and ratings.

Here’s a blurry look at the people, relaxing and appearing to chat with their very calm dog.


Surely a “shootout” would scare a dog enough to bark, right?

These liberal elites think we’re all stupid.

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