There’s Two Likely Plots That’ll Unfold For Joe Right After Polls Close On Nov. 8th

There’s Two Likely Plots That’ll Unfold For Joe Right After Polls Close On Nov. 8th

Joe Biden’s days pretending to be the President of the United States are quickly coming to an end… No, he’s not resigning, although he should. The man can’t even find his way off a 2-foot stage, and I think he saluted a giant yellow construction tractor in Pennsylvania. But the latest midterm news is looking so gloomy for Dems, that Joe has nowhere to hide. R’s keep gaining as we inch closer to voting day, with a very high number of “undecided” voters breaking for Republicans. This is likely a big trend that will keep going up until election day. There’s no doubt — the red wave is here, and it may be a tsunami, after all.

One highly respected right-wing attorney named Will Chamberlin would “bet” his money on this outcome:

Republicans retaking House and Senate, with a 53-47 advantage in the Senate.

Right now, as I said,  polls for Republicans just keep increasing their chances, thanks to those undecided voters.

So, what does all of this mean? Well, for starters, it means that we will shut down Biden’s commie Regime, and begin to undo the damage he and his communist cohorts have done. It also means that Dems will come after Biden with knives drawn.

Sharp knives.

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This will be the end of Joe Biden’s fake presidency, and Obama and his crew will begin systematically taking him down… and many believe that they’ll use Hunter to do it.

I saw a couple of interesting tweets I wanted to share with you today, as this is a big topic of conversation out in the Twitter world. This one from Ben Shapiro caught my eye:

Here’s what Ben said: “The knives that will come out for Joe Biden after these midterms from the media and his other supposed political allies will be quite sharp.”

Indeed, he’s right… it’s going to get ugly, and even with Joe’s dementia condition, I think he knows that. He can sense what’s coming.

Here’s what former Newsmax host John Cardillo said in response to Ben’s tweet:

“It’s already starting. DOJ will most likely indict Hunter when Obama gives them the greenlight to go after Joe’s presidency.”

John brings up a very good point. I agree, that they’ll likely use Hunter to take Joe down. It’s their easiest method — and one that will probably work quickest with stubborn, foolish Joe. He wants to hang around in the Oval Office because he’s very confused and still thinks it’s 1990 and he’s at the top of his game, but Dems want him out. The one soft spot Joe has is his cracked son — the smartest guy he knows — so they may threaten him with a big prosecution if Joe doesn’t leave. Or, just the bad press about his son getting arrested might be enough for Joe to agree to step down.

Anyway, they will use Hunter in some way, shape, or form to force Joe to fall in line.

One guy reposed to John Cardillo, and said this:

“If Hunter is indicted, Trump will be too and Joe will wind up pardoning both of them.”

John disagreed and responded back with this:

“Nope, they’ll charge Hunter and force Biden out before the conviction.”

Someone else chimed in on John’s tweet and said this:

“The plan was always to install Kamala in The Oval.”

Again, John disagreed, and he responded with this:

“No, not at all. They’ll get rid of her as well. She’ll get a cushy university gig.”

I agree. They can’t have Kamala in the Oval Office. She would be worse than Joe, believe it or not. But I do think early on before the admin started, and before we saw how dumb Kamala is, that they thought she’d be a “successor.”

But my, how things have changed…

So, I think there are two ways this can play out: Dems force Biden to say, without a doubt, that he’s not running again. They offer Kamala a sweet gig doing something and force her to say that she’s not running in 2024 either. Then, they allow these two idiots to carry on as lame ducks, for the next two years.

The second and much more drastic move would be to force Joe to resign, and then Kamala briefly takes over, she names Newsom as her Veep. Then, she’s forced to step down, and Newsom takes over, and then he runs in 2024.

We’ll see which play they make. I think it’ll be the first one, it’s less chaotic… what about you? What do you think? Plan A or Pan B, or do you have a different scenario?

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