Biden Unveils Plan For Oil Firms To Raise Output As He Continues To Tap Reserves

Biden Unveils Plan For Oil Firms To Raise Output As He Continues To Tap Reserves

Joe Biden unveiled a proposal that he believes would provide a “return for taxpayers” amid pressures from the midterm elections, gas prices, inflation, and economic instability. This plan includes a long delayed appeal for oil firms to raise output.

In order to replenish the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR), Biden is releasing 15 million additional barrels of oil at this time. He is also urging American oil corporations to increase output and is guaranteeing them a price of $70 per barrel for the barrels they sell back to the government.

During a news conference on Wednesday, Biden said, “You’re sitting on historic earnings and we’re providing you more confidence, so you can move now to enhance oil production now.”


Biden claimed that oil firms may increase oil production today “with the guarantee” that they can sell their oil back to the U.S. government for $70 in the future, despite his party’s, his voters’, and environmentalists’ commitments.

The average price of oil since March has been above $90 per barrel, which Biden described as “a good price for corporations, a good price for the taxpayers, and it’s vital to our national security.”

The highest since 2014, according to Biden.

“We’ll really turn a profit for the taxpayers, bring down gas prices, and increase production.”

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In response to claims that his government had reduced oil production and raised prices for Americans, Biden spoke bluntly.

Let’s dispel some falsehoods, he added, referring to the fact that oil output has grown since he took office in January 2021. “My government has neither stopped or reduced U.S. oil production, rather the opposite,” he said.

However, the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020 caused the U.S. to be shut down, and travel considerably decreased, particularly in the most populous cities in America that are governed by Democrats.

The fresh moves on Wednesday were taken barely two years after Democrats prevented the previous President Donald Trump from filling the reserve at a far lower cost.

As the virtual price of oil fell as low as minus $40 per barrel during COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020, crippling global petroleum demand, Trump sought to stabilize the oil business in March of that year.

Republicans wanted to spend $3 billion to replenish the reserve when oil was about $24 a barrel, but the proposal turned into a political football during larger discussions about trillion-dollar coronavirus relief, with Senate Majority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., bragging that his party had prevented a “bailout for big oil.”

Biden had tens of millions less barrels available to him to fight price spikes as a result of that choice, which essentially lost the United States billions in potential profits and was not even the SPR’s planned function.

On hearing that the White House intended to replenish emergency supplies and boost American oil output, crude oil prices shot up on Wednesday.



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