Now That Her 9 Years is Official, Here’s a Look Into The Scary “Work Camp” Brittney Will Likely Be Heading to

Now That Her 9 Years is Official, Here’s a Look Into The Scary “Work Camp” Brittney Will Likely Be Heading to

Well, now that it’s official, Brittney will be spending 9. years in a Russian prison, after the courts rejected her appeal and upheld the sentence, it’s time to look at what she may be facing down the road. After all, it looks as if Joe Biden has given up on getting her out of the Russian prison. He says he’s still “working hard.” In all honesty, why should he get her out? She broke the law, and now she’s paying the price. I am not sure what’s so “unjust” about all of this. That’s what the Dems keep calling it — an “injustice.” Breaking the laws in another country is a big deal. Brittney had been traveling to Russia long enough now to know what their laws were. And it was her responsibility to know what the rules were.

She broke those rules and now she’s facing 9 years in a hard Russian labor camp… this is what happens when Joe Biden, of all people, is the guy holding your fate in his shaky gray hands.


TMZ wrote a piece on Griner’s current state of mind and what’s coming up for her. Her wife, Cherelle Griner is worried sick about Brittney. She said she’s never heard her like this. She feels so defeated, hopeless, and like her life has no meaning. Cherelle says Brittney believes she will be forgotten in Russia.

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