[VIDEO] Remember Bubba Wallace? Well, He’s Now Physically ATTACKING Other Drivers

[VIDEO] Remember Bubba Wallace? Well, He’s Now Physically ATTACKING Other Drivers

Bubba Wallace is a typical left-winger. He lies, he plays the victim, and he’s violent and angry. This is today’s Dem Party, filled with unhinged, confused, low-info miserable people, who lose their cool and lash out at everyone in their path. But even so, Dems still blame conservatives for being the “violent ones.” There’s one thing I will say about Democrats — whatever they’re accusing you of doing, they’re the ones actually doing it.

We all remember Bubba Wallace from that absurd “noose in the garage” nonsense, where 187 FBI agents showed up to look at a garage pull. Meanwhile, sex offenders and child traffickers are running amuck. Of course, the whole thing was a hoax, and Bubba should’ve been ridden out of town on a rail, but for some reason, he’s still racing… and causing a ruckus on the track. And yesterday in Las Vegas, Bubba came unglued after he had an accident with NASCAR champ Kyle Larson and began pushing and shoving him.

ESPN reported that Bubba Wallace tried to fight reigning NASCAR champion Kyle Larson after a crash Sunday at Las Vegas Motor Speedway that also collected title contender Christopher Bell.

Wallace had led 29 laps and clearly had a fast car in the opening race of the third round of the playoffs. Wallace did not qualify for the playoffs, and Larson was eliminated last week.

The incident began when Larson attempted a three-wide pass — Kevin Harvick in the middle dropped out of the bunch — and Larson slid up the track against Wallace. When Wallace didn’t lift to give Larson any room, Larson used his Chevrolet to shove Wallace’s Toyota into the wall.

Wallace then bounced back down the track, followed Larson’s car down to the apron and appeared to deliberately hook him in retaliation. That sent Larson spinning into the path of Bell, who won last Sunday at Charlotte to earn the automatic berth into the round of eight, and ended Bell’s race.

Wallace climbed from his car and marched toward Larson. Wallace was shouting before he even got to Larson and immediately began to shove the smaller driver. Larson tried to turn away from him and several times lifted his arms to block Wallace’s shoves, but Wallace got in multiple shots before a NASCAR safety worker separated the two.

Wallace said he didn’t deliberately wreck Larson, but both Larson and Bell viewed it as clear retaliation. NASCAR could penalize Wallace if it also believes he deliberately retaliated. NASCAR said it will review the incident, which included what appeared to be Wallace pushing an official, and any penalties would be issued next week.

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“I’m smart enough to know how easily these cars break, so when you get shoved into the fence deliberately like he did trying to force me to lift, the steering was gone,” Wallace said. “Larson wanted to make a three-wide divebomb, but he never cleared me and I don’t lift.

“I know I’m kind of new to running up front, but I don’t lift. I wasn’t even at a spot to lift and he never lifted, either, and now we’re junk. Just [very bad] move of his execution.”

Asked what message he was trying to send to Larson when he began shoving him, Wallace said, “He knows.”

You can watch the video below:

Somebody needs to get Bubba into some kind of anger management program. This clown is always flying off the handle and trying to settle things with “violence.” That’s not normal, and I feel bad for his wife and kids if he’s married and has a family. God knows they’re probably walking around on eggshells trying not to piss this loon off.

Clearly, Bubba doesn’t know how to handle competition or stress.

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