CEO of US Election Software Firm Based in Michigan Was Just Arrested

CEO of US Election Software Firm Based in Michigan Was Just Arrested

We’ve been told repeatedly by the media, Dems, and the GOP establishment that the 2020 election was the fairest in the land. It was safer and more secure than any other election, and if you question this, you’re a dirty, filthy election-denier who is spreading conspiracy theories that are a threat to democracy. Meanwhile, Dems spent the better part of 4+years, claiming 2016 was illegitimate, and perpetuating a “Russia hoax” on the country, that was all fake news, but was validated by the mainstream media and spooks from the CIA. See, when it involves Dems, they can talk about whatever they want, however they want, and for as long as they want, and it’s all “legit.” But if a person on the right doesn’t think an election that was flooded with a tsunami of “mail-in ballots” that were not properly checked or supervised, is suspicious, they’re “crazy Q kooks.”

You see how this works, right? Well, I am here to tell you to reject that nonsense. It’s un-American. You can say and believe whatever the hell you want about the 2020 election. This is the United States of America, and we’re still allowed to have a personal opinion… for now.

And this story I am about to tell you will reaffirm how many people feel about the 2020 election, which I happen to believe was a ballot-harvesting sham. It’s about the CEO of an election software company out of Michigan, and how the right suspected he was in cahoots with the CCP and called him out, and was quickly called “far-right conspiracy kooks.”

But in the end, those “kooks” were right, and the CEO of that company was just arrested for theft and fraud involving China and US elections.

The real kicker here is that last Monday, The New York Times reported that “far-right conspiracy theorists” had whipped up this crazy scenario, about “election fraud” and were now endangering this poor innocent man’s life. This gave the Times the ability to once again, pretend that the right is some whacko conspiracy movement, pushing fake news. Of course, the irony here is that The New York Times had to once again, eat their partisan words, and report the NEXT DAY about this man’s arrest.

The Post Millennial reported that The New York Times ran an article claiming that “election deniers” had made Konnech the center of a “conspiracy theory.” The article claimed that these “election deniers” had used “threadbare evidence” to suggest that Konnech “had secret ties to the Chinese Communist Party and had given the Chinese government back door access to personal data about two million poll workers in the United States.”

The Times claimed that these allegations against Konnech “demonstrate how far-rigth election deniers are also giving more attention to new and more secondary companies and groups.”

The New York Times also pointed out all the “damage” that had been done to Konnech’s wonderful reputation by these right-wing “election deniers” who claimed that his company had ties to the CCP.

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Well, his company did have ties to the CCP. What the “crazy right” said, was actually true, and had the New York Times decided to investigate this story, instead of turn it into a yet another biased political hit piece, they would’ve likely known that.

And they wonder why we don’t trust the media…

LA Times reported that Los Angeles County prosecutors have accused the CEO of a small Michigan software company of compromising the personal information of hundreds of county elections employees.

Eugene Yu, 51, was arrested early Tuesday just outside of Lansing, Mich., after prosecutors alleged he improperly stored the information on servers in China, according to Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. George Gascón. Yu, who is the chief executive officer of a company named Konnech, is expected to be extradited to Los Angeles in the coming days, Gascón said.

Los Angeles County awarded Konnech a contract in 2020 to store employee payroll and scheduling data using its PollChief software, according to Gascón. Under the five-year contract valued at nearly $3 million, Konnech was not supposed to store information outside the U.S., Gascón said.

“Konnech allegedly violated its contract by storing critical information that the workers provided on servers in China. We intend to hold all those responsible for this breach accountable,” Gascón said.

“Prosecutors learned of the data breach this year through a ‘separate investigation’ undertaken by the district attorney’s office, according to Gascón. He would not say what the other investigation was or exactly when his office became aware of the breach,” the LA Times reported.

Konnecch denies any wrongdoing.

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