[VIDEO] Two Cops Reenact a Scene From Joe’s “60 Minute” Interview and It’s Absolutely Hilarious

[VIDEO] Two Cops Reenact a Scene From Joe’s “60 Minute” Interview and It’s Absolutely Hilarious

Things are not going well for Joe Biden or his communist party. Joe Biden isn’t helping the midterms by shuffling around the country, looking and sounding like a nursing home patient. He’s a constant reminder of how awful the entire, geriatric, out-of-touch Democrat Party is. He’s the reason so many want to vote these bums out, it’s also a reckoning after the 2020 election sham. So, I am not sure what the Handlers are thinking by putting him out there, front and center right now. Especially in PA, for a candidate, who also has major cognitive issues. It’s like the blind leading the blind. But I don’t think they have a choice. Joe Biden doesn’t realize what a bungling buffoon he is. He thinks he’s amazing and the savior and needs to be the “face” of the midterms — that’s the delusional narcissist in him.

And we can all see that things are getting worse every day for Joe. He’s making repeated blunders, daily, and Americans are getting more and more nervous, as we head straight into WW3, with “President Magoo” at the helm.

So, why is Joe getting worse right now? Well, I have a theory…


That’s right, the incredible stress of the midterms is getting to him. Because I don’t care how much dementia Joe may have, he will always know that bad midterm results will spell a humiliating end to his political career, and I am sure Jill is nagging at him about it in their private time as well.

So, what does stress mean to a man in Joe’s condition? Well, it means a lot, actually. I poked around to see what stress can do to people who are cognitively impaired and here’s what I found:

Elevated levels of anxiety at work and prolonged periods of stress can cause overuse of mediators that switch the stress response on and off (McEwen and Wingfield, 2003). This accumulation of stress is known as “allostatic load” and can adversely affect brain regions such as the medial prefrontal cortex and the caudate nucleus (Soares et al., 2012). High allostatic load is associated with depressive disorders (McEwen, 2003) and may present behaviourally as a state of enhanced vigilance, maintained or exacerbated by worry.

Atrophy of brain regions, resulting from repeated exposure to stressful conditions, has a cognitive cost. Indeed, working memory, attention, response inhibition and cognitive flexibility have all been found to be impaired by stress (Girotti et al., 2017). At work, impairments in these domains translate to a reduced ability to concentrate, control our impulses, remember and plan. One study found that when participants were given a stress test where they were asked to improvise a speech in front of an audience for 10 minutes, their ability to remember and plan was reduced after the test, compared to beforehand (Luethi et al., 2008). Thus, stress hindered their performance.

It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? Joe has a frantic and anxious energy about him when it comes to midterms. He’s snapping at reporters and getting more confused and befuddled than ever. Instead of heeding the polls, which show he’s wildly unpopular and staying out of the limelight, a nervous Joe has thrust himself into the midterm spotlight because he’s a complete wreck. He also has delusions of grandeur and still thinks it’s 1992, and can he wow and inspire crowds with his words. Joe Biden lacks self-awareness. But that’s also part of the disease. Researchers have found that patients with Alzheimer’s disease often lack self-awareness of their cognitive decline.

So, it’s understandable that Joe is stressed, he’s about to get the boot from his own party. And speaking of stress, Americans are sweating bullets, thanks to Bumbling Joe, and the way we deal with our stress is through laughter.

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And these two cops will make you laugh with their reenactment of a scene from Joe Biden’s “60 Minutes” interview, where he tries to explain how mentally fit he is.

Ha ha ha.

You can watch the video below:

@unhinged_stability #copsoftiktok #iykyk #jokes #bethechange #bekind ♬ original sound – The Charlie Kirk Show

I love these two cops, and I think they did the best job with this scene.

The facial expressions of the “Joe” cop, were my favorite. I watched it about 11 times!

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