Dems Response To Border Security Is Deafening Silence!

Dems Response To Border Security Is Deafening Silence!

Recently, a Fox News reporter who has been covering border security since the start of the Biden administration attempted to elicit some responses regarding border security from Democratic leaders. He typically received silence in answer to his inquiries.

Bill Melugin of Fox said yesterday on-air to Harris Faulkner, “The government has claimed repeatedly, ‘The border is secure’.” The number of unlawful crossings, “gotaways,” and migrant deaths have all reached record highs while they have been in office.

Melugin said that while manning the U.S.-Mexico border, he and his colleagues had seen some of it firsthand.

So, he explained, “We came here to D.C. and we’re seeking for some answers.

The movie then went to a montage of Melugin questioning senior government officials and well-known liberal Democrats on the border.

Rep. Ayana Pressley of Massachusetts didn’t respond to his inquiries; instead, she kept moving in the direction she was going while trying her best to ignore Melugin.

Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi stated, “I have to go deliver a speech.” Did you not hear me?

Melugin said, “I heard you. “This is a brief inquiry. The border is safe, right? It was a brief question, but Thompson moved silently away from the camera, indicating that he did not have a brief response.

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A committed public servant like Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas could undoubtedly put some light on the situation, right? Fox requested an interview through email; when a week passed without a response, Melugin happened to catch him while he was ostensibly taking out his garbage.

“Can we quickly discuss the border in a few moments?” Melugin enquired.

Mayorkas said, “I’m sorry; I don’t. He was at least courteous about it.

But there were a few, and they were probably the ones you would anticipate, who were prepared to violate the communist Democrats’ omertà. All three of Melugin’s interviews were with Democrats from Texas, a border state.

Representative Veronica Escobar told Melugin, “This is not sustainable.” It’s been unsustainable for a long time.

Rep. Colin Allred continued, “We have resources down there, but we obviously need to be doing more.”

Henry Cuellar declared, “This is our administration; I’m a Democrat.” “And they must comprehend that they now are the owners. It is now theirs. And they need to do something about it. Otherwise, when will this situation be over?

I won’t bother to tell you what Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said to Melugin. Simply said, you wouldn’t be shocked.

Melugin informed Faulker that in order to deter future illegal immigration, Cuellar genuinely wants to see more deportations documented on video and made widely known. The media concurred that the Democratic leadership lacked the political fortitude necessary to convey that message; even when they were deporting people, they preferred not to talk about it.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of unauthorized immigrants arrive in the United States each month. More people perish in transit. Many people who succeed are victimized in one way or another, whether it is financially, sexually, both, or in some other way. Some immigrants continue the pattern of abuse.

It appears that leftists (of either major party) also don’t want to discuss it, and their silence amounts to endorsement of all of that abuse. They are complicit in every case of human trafficking, rape, and murder because they won’t take the necessary action out of concern for their political standing. Thus, we shouldn’t be surprised by their silence. Most abusers also tend to be denialists.

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