Even With Record Voter Turnout In GA, Donna Says Voter Suppression Still A Problem

Even With Record Voter Turnout In GA, Donna Says Voter Suppression Still A Problem

Donna Brazile, an ABC News contributor and a former DNC chair, is intensifying her opposition to the new voting legislation in Georgia despite a record-breaking early turnout across all voter groups, including Black voters.

Brazile responded to remarks made by Marc Short, the former director of staff for Mike Pence, on ABC’s This Week Sunday condemning the pushback against the bill from those on the left.


Short stated that the evidence proves that the new rule shouldn’t be likened to Jim Crow, despite many Democrats, including President Joe Biden, drawing that connection. Short pointed out that Georgia’s early turnout is considerably outperforming the country’s most recent midterm election in 2018.

In Georgia, there are a record amount of early voters, according to Short. African Americans cast record numbers of early ballots. Yet the Democrats claim that it is Jim Crow 2.0?

“It is!” stated Brazile. “It is. Unfortunately, Jim Crow still exists!

What’s up with that? Short enquired in astonishment.

Brazile said, “SB 202, as you well know, permits anybody to contest the authenticity of a voter. The voting rights of many African Americans and other individuals, particularly young people, are being violated.

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The ABC contributor seemed to be making reference to a piece from The Guardian that described the challenges one Georgia voter encountered after her ballot was questioned. According to the New Georgia Project, a voting rights organization, more than 64,000 voters have faced challenges statewide, according to CNN. However, poll officials are able to resolve issues right away by checking the voter’s address or having them fill out a paper confirming their residency.

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