Larry Elder Says He’s Considering Running for White House In 2024; Even If Donald Trump Runs

Larry Elder Says He’s Considering Running for White House In 2024; Even If Donald Trump Runs

Larry Elder, a conservative author and radio personality, says he’s thinking about running for president in 2024. Although he hasn’t formally declared himself, he claims that other Iowans urged him to run for office when he visited the state fair in August. Elder said he would still consider running even if former President Donald Trump entered the race in 2024, in contrast to several possible Republican presidential contenders who want to wait until Trump declares whether or not he would run.

Former California gubernatorial candidate Elder claimed in an interview with Iowa’s Des Moines Register that if he decides to compete for the Republican nomination in 2024, he doesn’t “feel” like he’ll be up against Trump, who has frequently mentioned re-entering the White House.

I’m vying for the presidency. As on the Republican side, I’m not up against anyone, Elder told the newspaper. “If Joe Biden runs, or if Kamala Harris runs, I’m up against them both.”

Elder, 70, quit “The Larry Elder Show,” a syndicated discussion show he has hosted on many radio stations since the early 1990s, in April.

When California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) was up for recall last year, he ran to succeed him. Elder soared to the top of the pack and was the front-runner in the recall campaign, but Newsom eventually won without the support of the majority of the electorate.

Elder has stated that he is writing a second book about the California race and that he established a new PAC in January to promote Republican candidates in local and national elections.

The radio personality said he is now “kicking the tires” in Iowa, according to the Des Moines Register.

But Elder spoke last Saturday at the Christian organization Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition. Kim Reynolds, the governor of Iowa, and Mark Robinson, the lieutenant governor of North Carolina, also attended the ceremony (R).

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Elder stated in a recent interview with In Depth that he was traveling the nation to support Republican candidates and assist the GOP in regaining control of Congress. I’m busier than ever, Elder said.




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