Guess Who FINALLY Got “Fact-Checked” On Twitter? Thank You, Elon…

Guess Who FINALLY Got “Fact-Checked” On Twitter? Thank You, Elon…

Wow. I think this is the first time that I have ever seen a left-wing tweet get “fact-checked” by Twitter. I know for a fact that it’s the first time I’ve seen Biden get fact-checked. Elon hasn’t been the CEO for 72 hours and he’s already creating a much more fair “town square.” It’s amazing to see. The tweet that got “fact-checked” was an inflation post that Biden’s Handler published, which was, of course, not the whole truth, at all.

Here’s what Biden’s Handler said: “Let me give you the facts. In 2020, 55 corporations made $40 billion. And they paid zero in federal taxes. My Inflation Reduction Act puts an end to this.”

As with all things “Biden,” nothing his team says is ever true. They love to paint the rosiest picture ever. Like how they tell you the economy is BOOMING, and you’re just too dumb to realize it’s not amazing. This is the general go-to move for this imbecilic administration.

Just pretend it’s all great and tell people they’re nuts for noticing it… yeah, amazing plan of attack, guys… how can that backfire?

Well, there’s a program on Twitter where certain people, called “Bird Watchers,” can add context or challenge a tweet. Now, I’ve seen this on plenty of conservative tweets, but never on a left-wing one, and certainly not on the Handler’s tweets.

So, the “Bird Watchers” finally got a “fact-check” to stick. I am sure they’ve tried over and over with no success.

And now we can see what’s really going on.

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Thanks, Elon, for making this a level playing field now.

This is what is attached to the tweet on Twitter:

Boom. Finally. It’s good to see this guy’s non-stop lies and exaggerations being called out.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Thank you @elonmusk for bringing balance to the force”


“That’s what I like to see”

“I absolutely love this.”

“I have seen lots of these on our tweets, but never on a lefty tweet. the bars have been lifted”

“This is how it should be. Why are we pretending that whatever Dems say is gospel?”

“Now, if only the media would stop pumping out the Democrat message in lockstep and actually did their job, we’d be in decent shape”

I also noticed that the far-left-wing radicals at Occupy Democrats got “fact-checked,” too.

Trust me, this will something very new for leftists, they’re not used to getting called out for anything on social media. They’ve had free rein for 6+ years to do and say whatever they wanted, and that includes lying and spreading fake news and hoaxes.

So, what is the left doing to do to combat this? Well, they’re all moving over to a site called “Tribel Social,” which is fine, good for them. But let me remind you, that these are the same people who have mocked and ridiculed conservatives who decided to leave Twitter and join alternate social media platforms like Parler, GETTR, and Truth.

And the funny thing is this – liberals don’t have to worry about being targeted and censored. They won’t be silenced like we were, or mass suspended, and they know this.

They just can’t stomach the idea that other people with different opinions will be allowed to speak freely again… and what does that tell you about the Democrat Party?

It tells you that they are 100 percent, straight-up communists.

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