[VIDEO] Yikes: PA Senate Candidate John Fetterman Doesn’t Even Know Joe Biden’s Name

[VIDEO] Yikes: PA Senate Candidate John Fetterman Doesn’t Even Know Joe Biden’s Name

Dr. Oz is closing in on the very weak Dem candidate John Fetterman… let’s be honest, okay? This guy shouldn’t be anywhere near a campaign. He’s very sick. He should be in a medical facility or home, getting some much-needed help. After all, that stroke he had not too long ago, almost killed him. We’re glad to see he made it, but that doesn’t mean he should be a senator. We’ve seen what can happen when a mentally unfit person holds office. Joe Biden is a disaster both foreign and domestic.

Many people are concerned about Fetterman’s brain. Fox News reported that a string of miscues from Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman on the Senate campaign trail is fueling questions about his fitness for office.

Fetterman suffered a stroke in May, and his gradual return to the campaign trail has been marred by verbal stumbles and miscues.

“The [Philadelphia] Eagles are so much better than the Eagles!” Fetterman told a Philadelphia crowd late last month.

“I’m doing fantastic, and it’s not about kicking balls in the authority or anything,” Fetterman recently told MSNBC host Chris Hayes. (Fetterman mixed up the phrase “kicking authority in the balls,” which is how Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz had described Fetterman.)

“And make sure you take advantage of this amazing opportunity to, the only thing you have… stand… to lose is your record,” Fetterman said in a prerecorded video to supporters last month.  Fetterman’s stumbles are providing Republicans with plenty of ammunition to raise questions about his fitness for office.

Fetterman about his stroke recovery at a Pittsburgh rally earlier this month while taking aim at Oz.

“As you know, I had a stroke,” Fetterman told the crowd. “Oh and I’m so grateful to be here today now after surviving that better and better, you know?”

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“You know, the only lingering issue that I have after that stroke is sometimes auditory processing, sometimes. And, every now and then, I might miss a word or, sometimes, you know, I might mush two words together,” Fetterman said before bringing up a video of Oz that his campaign has mocked all summer.

So, if you ask me, this is starting to sound like Joe’s “childhood stutter” excuse. Remember that one?

Yes, I know Fetterman had a stroke and his speech has been impacted, but this goes way beyond missing a word here and there — the man does not look or sound “fit” to be running for office.

He doesn’t even know what Joe Biden’s name is. According to Fetterman, it’s Joe Bin, not Joe Biden….

Oy vey, what a mess.

You can watch the video below:

Yikes. And he didn’t even correct himself, and that’s because he doesn’t know what he was saying. There’s obviously a disconnect somewhere, but we’re already dealing with this situation with Joe BIN, we don’t need more of the same in the Senate.

It’s time for these sickly Dems (and RINOs) to hang it up. We don’t need you “fighting” for us, especially, if you can’t fight for yourself and look into what’s really wrong with you.

Fetterman needs to hang it up and go take care of himself, Better luck in the future, John… I hope you get right with God and lose the communist mentality.

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