Fetterman Continues To Stumble Through Closing Weeks Of Campaign

Fetterman Continues To Stumble Through Closing Weeks Of Campaign

Given that John Fetterman, a Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate, wants to release as many prisoners as possible onto the streets, crime has come under fire. However, Fetterman is unable to clear his own record in the same manner that he wishes to clear the records of others.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections’ 2022 report on recidivism, 40% of prisoners who are released from department custody go on to commit crimes again within a year of their release and 64.7% do so within three years. Since 2000, the rate of re-arrests has climbed, and since 2010, the rate of re-convictions has increased. From 2006 releases to 2016 releases, recidivism increased for all types of offenses, including robbery, murder, rape, and violent assault.

You may recall that Fetterman voted to free multiple murderers from jail and opposes life sentences without the possibility of parole (a position he has tried to walk back during this race).

In addition, Fetterman bragged about his opposition to “tough on crime” measures while vying for the support of a left-wing anti-police organization. By allowing offenders to cycle in and out of jail, Larry Krasner, the district attorney for Philadelphia, has presided over an increase in violent crime in the city, according to Fetterman. Philadelphia broke its previous homicide record last year under Krasner, and it looks like it will do it again this year.

Although Fetterman has tried to hide from his criminal justice record, it cannot be removed. He unveiled an advertisement with a Democratic sheriff who claims to be “sick” of Fetterman and crime talk. According to the sheriff, Fetterman “voted with law enforcement specialists approximately 90% of the time” on the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons. What else is there to ask for?

However, Fetterman consistently voted to shorten the sentences of offenders found guilty of first- and second-degree murder, even though he only consistently sided with law enforcement professionals 69% of the time on life sentences. No matter how callous their killings were, Fetterman believes that releasing convicted killers will “not make anyone less safe” and that doing so is the just and moral thing to do.

No matter how hard he tries, Fetterman cannot escape these realities. He supported politicians like Krasner who sought to make life as simple as possible for criminals when he ran for lieutenant governor with the express purpose of attempting to free criminals from jail. Fetterman can’t hide those realities or the reality that he lacks the proper judgment to serve as a senator as he stumbles through the closing weeks of the campaign.

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Charlene Greenway
3 months ago

Anyone wh* votes for this man has mental problems as bad as he does.

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