Photo of Fetterman Has Many People Wondering What Exactly is Medically Wrong With This Man…

Photo of Fetterman Has Many People Wondering What Exactly is Medically Wrong With This Man…

The PA race is heating up as we come into the home stretch. Personally, I can’t imagine why anybody in their right mind would vote for John Fetterman. He’s a Marxist through and through. But it’s his mental capacity and physical health that has been in the spotlight. At first, Fetterman tried to hide his illness and poor health. Now, he’s trying to use it to score “sympathy points.” But that plan may backfire because voters are very concerned about the back of John’s neck.

This is the photo that has a lot of voters very nervous. As you likely know by now, Mr. Fetterman just had a stroke and his health seems absolutely atrocious and has been at the very forefront of this PA Senate race.

In the photo below, you can see a large lump protruding out from John Fetterman’s neck. Many voters want to know what’s going on and why that lump is there.

Can you blame them?

He usually has his neck covered… we can see why.

And yesterday, during a disastrous event with confused Joe Biden these photos of Fetterman were snapped, and you can see the lump.

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Something isn’t right.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“The cold brutal truth is that Fetterman has permanent stroke-induced brain damage with most assuredly more strokes and/or heart attacks and virtually certain death on the way.”

“Some kind of demon orc.”

“A goiter?” 

“It explains why he is usually in a hoodie.”

“His sheer stupidity fits in well with the current administration and the Democrat party”

“How could ANYONE vote for THAT?! Good lord. Its more than obvious there is something very wrong about his physical health. We already know he’s mentally ill.”

“He is clearly ill, and yet is only now revealing his illness to get the sympathy vote.”

“He was vaxxed, then had a stroke. This looks like a cancerous tumor to me. Not making fun of this guy anymore, he really needs to quit the race and get right with God. It’s cruel to make fun of him at this point. Winning the Senate is nothing compared to winning your soul back.”

“He may have a lipoma. A fatty sack of tissue below the lowest skin layer. I have them (smaller ones) and they kinda look like that. Dr. Sandra Lee excises them on her TV show all the time. Some can be cancerous. I’ve had several of mine sent for review (thankfully all negative for cancer).”

“That’s why he is always wearing a hoodie to cover that lump.”

“Just like the MSM shilled for biden “He is perfectly healthy. How dare you question his health in any way”. And you see where that got us.”

This poor guy makes Joe Biden sound like a wordsmith. He’s very ill.


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