Is This The End of The Road For Hunter? … What’s Unfolding Right Now is a Foolproof Plan to Takedown Joe

Is This The End of The Road For Hunter? … What’s Unfolding Right Now is a Foolproof Plan to Takedown Joe

Well, is this the end of the road for Hunter Biden? Will he be the “bagman” who takes the fall and the heat off f the entire corrupt Biden family? That’s what WAPO is reporting; they’re hearing word that the feds believe they have enough to charge Hunter Biden with tax fraud and gun crimes… ironic, since his father is trying so hard to take guns away from law-abiding citizens… Hunter is such a dirtbag.

Now, let me warn you, this isn’t a done deal by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s a good sign… and I have a theory on why this is happening right now. It’s literally a lose/lose for Joe, no matter what happens. But before we get into that, let’s look at what WAPO is reporting.

Here’s what they said in a series of tweets:

Exclusive: Federal agents see enough evidence to charge Hunter Biden with tax and gun-purchase crimes, people familiar with the case say

Attorney General Merrick Garland has said the U.S. attorney in Delaware, a Trump administration holdover, is supervising the case involving President Biden’s son, whose business activities have long been a target for Donald Trump and his allies.

The investigation into Hunter Biden began years ago and became a central focus for Trump during his unsuccessful 2020 reelection effort. Initially, the investigation centered around Biden’s finances related to overseas business ties and consulting work.

Over time, investigators focused on whether he did not report all of his income, and whether he lied on gun purchase paperwork in 2018, according to the people familiar with the situation, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing case.

Now, the key here is that the so-called “Trump holdover” in Delaware has to make the call if Hunter will be charged. Well, let me tell you a little something about that guy, okay?

There is nothing ‘Trumpy” about him… this guy is your typical “establishment DA.” He’s not some American First renegade seeking justice.

As a matter of fact, just like with Hunter’s laptop, David Weiss also provided plenty of cover for Hunter and his father.

Last summer, federal officials in Delaware investigating Hunter Biden faced a dilemma. The probe had reached a point where prosecutors could have sought search warrants and issued a flurry of grand jury subpoenas. Some officials involved in the case wanted to do just that. Others urged caution. They advised Delaware’s U.S. Attorney, David Weiss, to avoid taking any actions that could alert the public to the existence of the case in the middle of a presidential election.

“To his credit, he listened,” said a person involved in the discussions, reported here for the first time. Weiss decided to wait, averting the possibility that the investigation would become a months-long campaign issue.

It’s amazing how when it comes to Democrats, suddenly everyone worries about “tampering” with an election, right?

But now it’s up to Weiss to decide if Hunter will be charged.

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If they do charge him, it’ll be the start of the complete and total takedown of Joe Biden, where his puppet masters turn on him and feed his shaky old carcass to the political wolves. If they do not charge him, once again, Hunter Biden will look like the privileged Biden kid who can get away with everything and the American people will turn even more against Joe.

It’s a lose/lose for Joe Biden, who has become a complete and total drain on the Democrat Party. There is nothing they want more than to make Joe go away. Have him placed into a nursing home, and never be seen, or heard from again.

And if it means sacrificing Hunter to help prod that along, they’ll do it

I saw this tweet and loved it. It’s true.

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Charlene Greenway
3 months ago

I always look on the bad side, not a gla*s half full person more a cynic. I don’t see anything happening to h*nter, will do a plea barg*in and he won’t serve a day in jail. If this was Don, Jr., they would put him under the jail. The old double standard, dems go free, republicans get the m**imum available just look at the January 6 people.

Last edited 3 months ago by Charlene Greenway
Charlene Greenway
3 months ago

What’s with the symbols sh*wing up in words?

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