Report: In A Surprising Move DOJ indicts Up To A Dozen In China Espionage Cases

Report: In A Surprising Move DOJ indicts Up To A Dozen In China Espionage Cases

At a news briefing on Monday, representatives from the US Department of Justice outlined the allegations against two accused agents of the Chinese government, ostensibly corroborating reports that the operation’s aim was the US effort to prosecute Huawei.

At their news conference on Monday afternoon, Attorney General Merrick Garland and his staff did not specifically cite Huawei but did corroborate other information from NBC News and other sites.

The Justice Department asserts that a double agent working for US law enforcement who provided his handlers with papers created by the US government to deceive them helped uncover and foil the operations of the purported Chinese spies.


“The defenders thought they had hired the US worker as a resource. However, the person they really hired was a double agent who was acting for the FBI, according to Mr. Garland.

At the meeting, FBI Director Christopher Wray said that Beijing was trying to “undermine US economic security and fundamental human rights, including those of Americans” and pledged that the FBI would keep up its efforts to do so.

The Chinese government is making a concerted effort, he added, to steal, cheat, and lie their way into unlawfully controlling whole technical industries.

A RICO indictment against Huawei claims that it stole US technology from businesses in order to dominate the 5G industry. In 2021, a senior executive was also accused of a crime.

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Garland alleged that the PRC intelligence officers’ actions “were an atrocious attempt to shelter a PRC-based corporation from responsibility and to undermine the credibility of our legal system.”

According to the New Jersey case, the four persons directed Americans to help China’s espionage operation by having technology from the United States transported to China under the guise of a Chinese university institution.

The third complaint, in the Eastern District of New York, accuses the seven defendants of participating in a multi-year plot to use intimidation and threats against the victim and their family in order to persuade the U.S. citizen to return to China, who China claims is a fugitive.

Garland stated that the “Justice Department would not accept attempts by any foreign force to undermine the rule of law that is the foundation of our democracy.” The rights that are granted to everyone in our nation will continue to be vigorously protected by us. And we’ll stand up for the legitimacy of our institutions.

It is unknown whether any arrests have been made or will be made in connection with the Huawei spying case, but the Department of Justice announced the arrest of two people on Monday. They are accused of conspiring with China to coerce a US resident into returning to China against their will.

The attorney general stated, “As these cases show, the government of China tried to meddle with people’s rights and freedoms in the United States and to undercut our legal system that defends those rights. “They were unsuccessful.”






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Charlene Greenway
1 month ago

When they arrest and indite h*nter & joe, i will believe they are doing som**hing. This is just a ploy because the midterms are in less than two weeks, they want you to think they are doing som**hing important. I personally don’t believe they are doing anything but covering for joe & h*nter and the rest of the biden crime family.

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