Is Biden Trying To Force Republicans Hand By Accepting Illegals As Citizens?

What are the border and immigration policies and goals of the Biden administration? Simply put, drive Republicans to the negotiating table and convince them to agree to offer citizenship to millions of individuals who are present illegally while agreeing to protect the border.

Naturally, Biden won’t acknowledge that. We are instead left to determine his policy goals on our own.

The Biden White House has not developed a cogent immigration or border security policy beyond reiterating the laughable fiction that “the border is secure.” Therefore, we are limited to evaluating the government based on its actions and statements.

Contrarily, whether we liked it or not, we were aware of the former president Donald Trump’s border strategy, which was to protect the border and restrict entrance to those who could enter the country legally under our rules. As a result, when Biden entered office in January 2021, there were 10.2 million fewer illegal immigrants living in the country than there were in January 2019—roughly 11.5 million. We are also aware of the results of Trump’s initiatives, including historically low unemployment rates for women and people of colour and rapid real pay increases up to COVID-19.

We are aware that as soon as Biden was elected president, illegal immigration spiked. And all of this occurred while neither the technology used at the border for border security nor the border wall, whose construction was abruptly suspended, altered.

Therefore, rather than American law enforcement becoming more effective, policy and image changed.

Firstly, the actions. More than 3 million illegal immigrants have entered the country as a result of Biden’s lax border policy, and by the conclusion of his first term, as many as 5 million to 7 million are anticipated. Furthermore, as news spreads that America’s borders are open, the rate of illegal immigration is rising. In only four years, the percentage of illegal immigrants in America might increase by a startling 70%.

Here are the words. In a memorable quote from a Democratic presidential debate, former Vice President Joe Biden urged that asylum seekers should “…rush to the border, they deserve to be heard.” These exist. Biden called for a “surge,” and undocumented immigrants responded.

Biden said that former President Barack Obama erred in deporting more than 3 million illegal immigrants during the final presidential debate with President Donald Trump. He would also direct Congress to create a legal road to citizenship for the more than 11 million illegal immigrants residing in the United States in the first 100 days, in addition to repealing all immigration restrictions implemented by the Trump administration.

However, a legislative road to citizenship is almost unattainable because of how closely split Congress is. As a result, the Biden administration is enforcing laws as they go. For example, on the May 1 episode of “Fox News Sunday,” Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said that the government’s border policy no longer involves discouraging illegal immigration.

Mayorkas acknowledged that the Biden administration’s goal is to ensure that people have access to our judicial system through secure, orderly, and lawful paths.

As each month brings a new record for arrests at the southern border and subsequent releases into the interior, this message has been heard loud and clear.

It goes without saying that the Biden process is neither secure nor lawful. Up to 50% of all women and girls who want to go to the north experience sexual assault. Deaths of migrants at the border often reach horrifying new heights and are grossly underreported.

The illegal Mexican drug and people trafficking organisations demand up to $8,000 for each individual they let into the United States. The cartels have established a terrible new form of enslavement for those who are unable to pay everything up front, exacting tribute from undocumented immigrants and their families under threat of torture, abduction, or murder for noncompliance.

The cartels control much of the Mexican government, which has descended into a hopelessly corrupt and lawless narco state where officials who dare to enforce the law are assassinated, frequently in front of the public in gruesome ways. The cartels also have operational control over the Mexican border.

Rivers of dangerous narcotics also flow across the border with the would-be immigrants because border officers are redirected to processing asylum claims rather than stopping drugs.

Drug overdoses claimed the lives of 107,000 Americans last year, which is 20,000 more than have been lost in all American combat operations since World War II. In China, where Communist Party leaders benefit from American misery, the majority of pharmaceuticals and chemical precursors that kill Americans are produced.

Republicans can attempt to pressure Biden on illegal immigration if they win back control of Congress in the November elections. They can even remove administration officials from office for not upholding the law, but a Senate conviction is unlikely.

But as he tries to persuade Republicans into approving a big amnesty and citizenship for as many as 18 million illegal aliens in exchange for a bogus commitment to safeguard our border, Biden could find a benefit in doing nothing to secure the border.

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