Never-Trumper Jeb Bush Refers To Himself As A “Ron DeSantis Fan”

Never-Trumper Jeb Bush Refers To Himself As A “Ron DeSantis Fan”

If he enters the race, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) “will be a strong” candidate in 2024, according to Jeb Bush. The failed 2016 Florida Republican Presidential candidate, who has stressed that he has not backed anybody, referred to himself as a “Ron DeSantis fan” and praised the governor of Florida, where he served as governor of from 1999 to 2007.

Bush told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto in an interview on Thursday that if he runs, “he will be a competitive contender for a number of reasons.” “But the main reason I support Ron DeSantis is because of how well he has run my own state. He has done a great job as governor.”


DeSantis may face up with former President Donald Trump if he follows in Bush’s footsteps and transitions from Florida governor to presidential candidate. In a fictitious 2024 contest, Trump and DeSantis have both constantly polled as the top contenders. Although Trump has hinted about a second run for president, neither DeSantis nor Trump have formally announced a presidential campaign. DeSantis claims that his current goal is to get re-elected as governor.

During the 2016 campaign, Bush had become a favorite political target for Trump, who frequently made fun of and disparaged him. During a rally, Trump recently rekindled his feud with the Bush family by alleging that George H.W. Bush, the late president, took official documents to a Chinese restaurant and bowling alley.

The allegation was later deemed “false and deceptive” by the National Archives and Records Administration. Independent fact-checkers also refuted the assertion, explaining that the National Archives evaluated the older Bush’s papers while building his library at a location that had previously been a restaurant and bowling alley.

“God bless his soul. This is a really strange claim, “Bush commented on Trump’s statements. I believe that the Chinese restaurant’s tinier addition kind of makes it simpler for the conspiracists to get worked up.

During a search on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property in Florida in August, government agents collected tons of presidential records, many of which had secret markings.

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Insisting that he declassified the information, Trump has denied any wrongdoing and said that a president may declassify anything “simply by thinking about it.” According to court records, the Justice Department is examining potential obstruction of justice and breaches of the Espionage Act in its Mar-a-Lago probe.

“I believe that [Trump] is essentially saying, “There, everyone does it.” Everyone takes documents and keeps them at their hotel or in a bowling alley, and he did nothing illegal, “Bush speculated.


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