New York Times Report Reveals How Much Power Jill Has, And How Furious She Gets When Joe Screws Up 

New York Times Report Reveals How Much Power Jill Has, And How Furious She Gets When Joe Screws Up 

Well, most of us have suspected that Jill Biden is one of the top Handlers who’s running the show, and we were right. A new New York Times piece reveals how much power Jill has behind the scenes and how furious she gets when her husband screws up and his staffers are not there to rescue him. This article from The Times really exposes how everyone on Team Biden knows how lost, confused and clueless Joe truly is. It appears they have an elaborate setup in place to try and stop Joe from making too many blunders…. imagine what things would look like if they didn’t have this setup? Scary.

But all of those plans fell apart during Biden’s last disastrous press conference back in January 2022, and boss lady Jill was fuming mad about it and was lashing out behind the scenes. That was the presser that went on for 2 hours. It wasn’t supposed to go that long, and the staff and Jill were panicked and pissed.

Jill likes to come off as this sweet-as-pie soft-spoken woman, but any wife who would allow her husband to be publicly humiliated like this isn’t “sweet.” She’s evil… and we got to see a snapshot of Jill’s terror when the AP took these candid photos of the two Bidens talking outside last summer.

Just look at this…

She is really running the show, isn’t she? This is like a “Game of Thrones” episode for ol’ Jill.

The New York Post reported that Jill Biden tore into White House staffers after they failed to cut off President Biden’s second solo press conference in January — when her husband kept taking questions even as then-press secretary Jen Psaki signaled to the president to wrap it up, according to a report.

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President Biden was grilled at the Jan. 19 news conference about his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, tensions between Washington and Moscow over Ukraine and the supply chain crisis that was causing a shortage of goods across the country.

Following the presser, which went on for about two hours, Jill Biden popped into a meeting of top White House officials who were rehashing the president’s performance, the New York Times reported.​

“She pointedly asked the group, which included the president, why nobody stepped in to stop it, according to a person who was in the room,” the outlet said. “Where was the person, she demanded, who was supposed to end the news conference?”

The Times report, describing how the first lady has become a favored surrogate for the president ahead of the midterm elections, noted that she has been protective of her husband and even took part in hiring White House staffers and press aides, including vetting Psaki alongside the president.

At the January presser, the president had been answering questions from a pre-arranged list of reporters for roughly an hour when Psaki — clad in an eye-catching pink blazer — stood up in an apparent attempt to bring the proceedings to a close.

But the president kept going, prompting Psaki to stand up again about 20 minutes later and walk to a door about 50 feet away from the seating area in another apparent attempt to end the questioning.

A short time later, the president asked his audience — which was limited to 30 reporters due to the pandemic, but was not asked to observe social distancing guidelines — how long they wanted him to continue. After looking at his watch, Biden said he’d go another 20 minutes — though he actually went on for approximately another half-hour.

This was the news conference that caused an international disaster, when Joe basically invited Russia to invade Ukraine, as long as it wasn’t a “big invasion.” The entire world went crazy, and The White House had to walk it back.

It was a total disaster. 

So, I can see why Jill was upset. But it’s really her own fault, for putting her dementia-ridden husband on the world stage.

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