[VIDEO] Yep, Jill Knows …

[VIDEO] Yep, Jill Knows …

Jill knows. She doesn’t just know that her husband is suffering from some very serious cognitive issues, but she knows the jig is up and we all know, too. Lately, I’ve noticed that Jill has been glued to Joe’s side. I think a lot of things changed when Joe made that stunning blunder, where he was calling out for a dead woman in the crowd. It was one of those moments that can’t be explained away with a joke, a childhood stutter, or a spin-job by the Biden communications staff.

It was one of those “Oh sh*t” moments, where Joe was caught with his pants down, and everyone saw the sad truth.

Now, Jill stands there next to Joe, stiff as a board, looking like a soldier guarding Buckingham Palace. She’s not supposed to give away how she feels, but she can’t help it, especially when Joe starts rambling and making no sense. You can see how uncomfortable she gets. She fidgets with her hands, and then when he really starts going off the rails, she looks into the crowd and smiles at someone, hoping that she can somehow become a distraction and nobody will notice that Joe is making no sense again.

Sorry, Jill, that won’t work.

We know… just like you do.

Here’s what Joe said: “BIDEN IN PUERTO RICO: “New York sent not only a congresswoman, one of the most congresswoman into the Congress, but a State Troopers and emergency responders…”

Dear Lord, what a mess.

You can watch the video below:

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Here’s what people are saying online:

“Joe “walking dead” Robinette Bidon”

“The woman standing next to him should be arrested for elder abuse.”

“Jill looks so incredibly uncomfortable” 

“Are we supposed to know what this means?” 

“Monty Python mess 2022”

“Dr. Biden did a nervous laugh to distract when Joe really went off the rails” 

“Imagine being a wife who allows your senile husband to make a fool of himself daily?” 

“Anyone else notice that Jill is ALWAYS by Joe’s side now?” 

“I didn’t think anyone could be the “most congresswoman.” Good to know “

“Oh look, it’s story time again with Brandon”

“The most congresswoman in the congress.”

“Jill looks like she’s dying inside. Couldn’t happen to a more evil woman” 

“Ok so there are varying degrees of congresswomen. Good to know.”

“Remember a few weeks ago, when Joe told the country to “watch him” lol I bet he regrets that” 

“Bro, he doesn’t even remember saying that” 

Biden’s also now claiming he was “sort of raised in the Puerto Rican community.”

Really? In Delaware?

I find that hard to believe…

Can’t wait to see the old home videos of Biden enjoying the Puerto Rican lifestyle.



Of course, people had something to say about that:

“Was this before or after Joe was a tractor trailer drive?”

“Is there anything that happens on earth that Joe hasn’t been a part of?” 

“He first met Corn Pop in Puerto Rico. By the pool where he was a lifeguard.”

“Cornito Popo was a bad dude.”

“And while I was raised In Puerto Rico, I was a truck driver & CB handle was ‘corn pop.’”

“Oh right! The Puerto Rican section of Claymont DE is etched in my memory – right next to Archmere Academy.”

“Sort of a politician” , “sort of a President” sort of a person”

“does he carry hot sauce in his pocket too”

“His new name is Jose Biden” 

And just look how everybody just brushes right past the so-called “President” of the United States like he doesn’t even matter.

It’s sad to watch this unfold. I don’t necessarily feel sorry for Joe, although, on a “human” level, I guess at times I do.

But I really sorry for America, because we deserve so much better than this, and I hope and pray that on election day, we all come together and send Joe Biden a really strong message by stripping away his power in ways he can’t even imagine.

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