Good Afternoon, Joe… Are You Sitting Down, Big Guy? We’ve Got Some REALLY BAD News For You

Good Afternoon, Joe… Are You Sitting Down, Big Guy? We’ve Got Some REALLY BAD News For You

This country was put through the wringer over a fake hoax that claimed the Russians had “stolen” the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton. We went through this for 4+ years, with the left saying 2016 was illegitimate and Trump was a “Putin Puppet” installed by the Kremlin. And the worst part about this fake/hoax was that it was perpetuated and validated by the mainstream media. Now, that is the worse type of misinformation and fake news, because it’s so powerful and reaches the most people, and does the most noteworthy damage.

I’ll tell you what, it’s a helluva lot more powerful than say, when I accidentally did an article on a tweet from a fake account, claiming to be Trump’s sister. You know what I mean? I was chastisted for that for eons by the fact-checkers and press.

But there was no day of reckoning for the media who pushed this Russia hoax lie. They just went on as if nothing had happened. There was no name-calling against those people for claiming the 2016 election was illegitimate. They weren’t called “kooks” or “election deniers,” were they?

Those people weren’t labeled a “threat to democracy” even though their lies held the nation hostage for years and divided all of us.

But if you dare to question the integrity of a “mail-in ballot” election where a never-before tsunami of ballots flooded the system, many of which were deemed “illegal” after the fact, and many not checked, and the process unsupervised in many instances, you are a THREAT to democracy, according to the left.

Yes, after years of calling 2016 illegitimate, those people are now calling YOU a threat to democracy for questioning an unprecedented election with a sea of mail-in ballots.

How ballsy, right? The shameless nerve of these people is just off the charts. But what’s even worse, is that many of us actually listen to them and stay quiet about an obviously sham election.

We don’t want to be called Q Kooks.

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Give me a break, who the hell cares what godless commies call you?

Look at what people like Eric Holder are saying about those dirty “election deniers.”

“The fate of our democracy is on the ballot this year. Election deniers want to destroy it. There’s only 40 days until Election Day—so make a plan to vote. Register. Volunteer for a campaign. Sign up to be a poll worker. The future of our country is on each of us”

Speaking of “election deniers,” here’s a 5-minute video featuring clips of Dems claiming elections have been stolen.

The left (and media) have put basically everything they’ve got into this “Election Denier” BS. And they’ve also got a lot of help from the GOP establishment, who would have much preferred to see Joe Biden in the White House, then President Trump. They align much more with the left than they do with America First. So, all these folks have been pushing this marketing blitz about “election deniers” for two years. It’s been an all-out PR bonanza.

So, how is it working? 

Well, let me put it this way… Joe Biden. the media, Dems, and GOP establishment better sit down for this one, because the news is really bad.

After everything they’ve put into demonizing anyone who questions 2020, poll after poll shows Americans believe there was cheating…

I mean, duh.

This latest poll is a doozy.


At this point, I honestly think anyone who truly believes Joe Biden, of all idiotic people, legitimately won 81 million LEGAL votes, needs to have their head examined.

I’d bet my life that didn’t happen. Seriously. My life…

Despite the media, Dems, and GOP establishment, the American people “get it” it about 20202. And I hope and pray they use the 2022 midterms to lash out and send a message to everyone that they won’t have another election like 2020, ever again.

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