I Think I Found The Real Reason Why Joe Biden is a Compulsive Liar

I Think I Found The Real Reason Why Joe Biden is a Compulsive Liar

Joe Biden lies. A lot. Joe has always been a braggart, and a guy who stretched the truth and exaggerated, but meh, who among us isn’t that way from time to time, especially a lifetime politician, right? It almost comes with the territory, but as of late, this guy has been telling some enormous whoppers that keep landing him in trouble. He’s lied about driving a big rig, told fake stories about conversations he’s had with Amtrack conductors, lied about his first job at an Idaho lumber company, lied about going to Tree of Life Synagogue after the mass shooting, he even lied and said his grandfather was a “coal miner,” and the list goes on and on and on.

So, why has this been happening at such an accelerated rate lately? It seems like every time Joe tries to speak he gets something wrong or blatantly lies about some incident in his life.

And speaking of lies…did you hear his latest?

He told a group of Puerto Rican people that was “sort of” raised in the Puerto Rican community. LOL in Delaware?

He also claims to be more “Jewish” than most Jews and says he was raised and educated in the black church… I guess that happened when he wasn’t at Synagogue or hanging out with all his Puerto Rican peeps.

Good lord…


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What the heck is going on here?

Well, I decided to poke around and see what I could find that might actually explain this lying phenomenon that Joe’s got, and boy, did I find out a lot…

The answer to Joe’s lying may be more medical than anything else…

Now, I am not a doctor, obviously, but it’s my opinion, based on how Joe behaves, how he looks, and my own very personal life experience with a family member who had Alzheimer’s, that Joe has dementia.

And I don’t think this is a wild theory; as most Americans think “something” is very wrong with Biden’s mental fitness.

Home Care Assistance says this about seniors with dementia who lie:

Lying is a normal symptom of dementia, and it happens for many reasons. Most of the time, lying is merely a symptom of the disease and not intentional deception. Lying, or untruths, may occur at any stage of dementia, but this symptom generally is more common among seniors with mid- to late-stage dementia and can worsen as the disease progresses. Home Care Lakewood’s dementia care experts have put together the following information to help family members better understand why some seniors with dementia lie.

Seniors living with dementia are aware their memory is slipping away, and this leads to a great deal of confusion and turmoil. Many times, lying is just an unconscious defense mechanism called confabulation, which means your loved one is unconsciously replacing his or her lost memories with false ones. This happens because our brains constantly try to make sense of what is happening around us, and when memories become lost, the brain maintains sense of what’s going on by filling in missing moments with alternatives.

Anxiety And Paranoia
Seniors with dementia often have diminished short-term memory capacity. This can lead to paranoia and anxiety when, for example, a senior can’t find an item he or she is looking for. It’s not uncommon for seniors with dementia to blame a family member or professional in-home caregiver for losing or stealing the “missing” item. Some seniors with dementia begin to suspect the people around them of stealing their belongings or money as their short-term memory diminishes and they cannot remember spending the money or moving the item to another room.

It’s also possible for seniors with dementia to tell outright lies, such as saying they need to go to a meeting with the president or lying about their former employment, when they feel embarrassed, scared, or they become aware they are doing things that aren’t quite right. Telling these untruths is often a way of preserving their dignity and trying to fit into the situation.

Sounds like that makes sense to me… and something interesting to note… remember the “big rig” lie I mentioned above? The one where Joe claimed he got his license and drove a tractor-trailer for a summer?

Well, the fact-checkers chimed in and claimed that Joe likely was confusing something else he did with that memory of “driving a big rig.”

We asked the White House press office about Biden’s truck driving credentials and did not hear back.

There’s no record that he drove an 18-wheeler, the typical meaning of a tractor trailer. The closest experience he had was in 1973, when, as a senator, he rode along on a 536-mile tractor-trailer trip from Delaware to Ohio.
Biden’s comment in Minnesota that he “only did it for part of a summer,” sounds like a reference to another experience, a summer school bus driving job Biden had when he was a law student at Syracuse University in the mid-1960s.

I agree with the fact-checkers.

I think Joe jumbles most of this stuff up in his broken mind — and that plays right into my medical theory, doesn’t it?

Let me know what you think about this theory, or if you have any other ideas about why the lies are coming fast and furious these days.

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