[VIDEO] It Happened Again Two More Times And Americans Are Done, “Keep Your Dirty Hands To Yourself…”

[VIDEO] It Happened Again Two More Times And Americans Are Done, “Keep Your Dirty Hands To Yourself…”

Joe Biden has a well-documented history of being far too “handsy” and “sniffy” with women, especially young girls. There’s a catalog of Biden videos on the internet that will make your hair curl. Joe has been invading the personal space of women for decades, and he had gotten away with it until the 2020 campaign when Democrat women came forward and called him out for his sniffing, nuzzling, and touchy-feely garbage. Joe was backed into a corner, and claimed that he was just an “old school” politician who loved “connecting with people” and that’s why he got too close sometimes and invaded people’s personal space. It was a lame excuse and didn’t answer even half the issues about his creepy behavior, but of course, the media accepted that and quickly moved on.

Joe didn’t keep to his word, though. While yes, he’s been less “handsy and sniffy” with women, he seems to have gotten more inappropriate with young girls. Every time you turn around you see Joe Biden slowly creeping up to a young girl, placing his shaky, wrinkly gray hands on her, talking about her future dating life, or telling her how much “older” she looks. It’s disturbing and disgusting, and it seems to be getting worse.

Now, I don’t know if it’s his mental decline that’s making this issue more amplified, but it’s now looking like a straight-up compulsion. If there is a young girl around, Joe Biden cannot stop himself from invading her personal space without permission and then touching her in a very slow and intimate way. This is the exact type of behavior that women on the left have been DEMANDING that men stop doing. But when it comes to Joe doing it to young, helpless girls, they are dead silent.

In this video below, you will see Joe Biden approach a young woman, who looks to be in her teens, invade her personal space, as if he has a right to, touch her shoulder inappropriately, and then take hold of her hand for 45 seconds.

No man should do this to anyone he doesn’t know, especially a young woman or girl.

You can watch the video below:

And here he is yet again, awkwardly and intimately rubbing another girl’s face and then holding her hand for over one minute. Do you know how long that would seem to a young woman trying to comprehend this awkward moment with a man who could be her great-grandfather?

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This is also a perfect time for me to mention that Joe Biden’s daughter wrote in her verified diary, that she and her father took “inappropriate showers” together when she was young.

Has the media asked him about this?

No, of course not.

However, if this was President Trump and Ivanka’s diary, all hell would’ve broken loose and it’d have been the top story for the next 6 months straight, and rightfully so.

It’s disgusting.

Here’s a photo of Joe leering at his young daughter Ashley:


Needless to say, Americans have had enough of this depravity from this senile, grabby old man.  Here’s what they’re saying online:

“Keep you dirty hands to yourself you filthy trash.”

“How many times does this need to happen? How many women have come forward to say he made them feel uncomfortable? He knows it’s wrong , he doesn’t care.”

“Honestly, it is time to break out the cattle prod for the resident pedo.”

“Anybody notice the demeanor of the guy in the gray suit watching everything and then he leans a bit more around to get a better view? I can only imagine his frustration.”

“Look at him trying to go for the kid. Uug! What an embarrassment!”

“What did the smartest guy he knows, his son Hunter call him, pedo Pete?”

“He has no respect for her personal space, God it’s so maddening”

“that’s dark brandon”

“Nasty dirty pig.”

“He’s racist because he didn’t sniff the black girl.”

“She looks too old for him.”

“Why do parents keep placing their kids within arms reach of that creep?”

“I see he pulled in a huge crowd LOL” 

“How. I just want to know how it keeps happening, he doesn’t even try to hide it.”

“Secret service guy’s body language “Oh, c’mon!…AGAIN WITH THIS!??””

“Why do parents let their kids near this creepy p*do? All for a photo op? I wouldn’t even go near him. Disgusting!”

Joe Biden is a predator. And he preys on young women in public, who can’t fight back. In my opinion, this is a sick fetish of his, and his dementia is making it impossible for him to control.

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