[VIDEO] Former NYPD Cop John Cardillo Reveals Interesting Tidbit About Mysterious “3rd Person” at Pelosi’s Home

[VIDEO] Former NYPD Cop John Cardillo Reveals Interesting Tidbit About Mysterious “3rd Person” at Pelosi’s Home

John Cardillo, a former NYPD police officer, and former Newsmax host appeared on War Room with Steve Bannon. And he’s got a professional opinion on the so-called “Pelosi attack.” And no matter what the DA, officials, or media say, none of this makes any sense. And I have to agree with him, as much as they try to make it “work,” and come together, by retracting things they said earlier and restructuring the story to fit their moving narrative.

John says local cops are telling him off the record that they don’t believe the narrative that the public is being told. The so-called “evidence” is odd, as well. Why is the glass from the broken window on the OUTSIDE, not the inside? Why can’t we see the security camera footage or the bodycam footage, to put everyone’s mind at ease? Because as Bannon correctly says, the Dems have used this incident as their “closing argument” for midterms.

So, if they’re doing this, and turning it political, we have a right to dive deeper into the story, but they won’t let us, and gee, I wonder why?

I think we all know why…

John breaks down the “bizarre” narratives that are coming out, and the things that were reported as true, which are now either, not true, or they suddenly can’t confirm, like those zip ties, Mr. DePape was supposed to have with him… The DA is now saying, “We can’t confirm there were zip ties.”


This is the most convoluted, strange, and all-over-the-map “case” I have ever seen, and it’s getting weirder by the day.

I will tell you this much — you don’t need to retell the truth or rearrange actual facts… the only time you have to do that is with lies.

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The American people know this, and we’re not going to be spoonfed whatever slop they decide to shove down our gullets.

Those days are long over.

I really like what John points out about that mysterious 3rd person at Pelosi’s house, too.

You can watch the video below:

John nails it here. There are still way too many unanswered questions, and sadly, our propaganda media won’t ask for us. Was there a third person? Sounds like there was, but they didn’t answer the door? Who knows? I’ll tell you who knows, the bodycam footage knows.

Also, another story that changed, was this “brain surgery” nonsense. We were told early on, Pelosi was having brain surgery, and then that was later redacted.

And another thing that makes no sense, is we’re told that the attack on Pelosi happened when the cops arrived, how could he have been injured so badly, with the cops right there? Wouldn’t they have shot a man, for beating the Speaker’s husband with a hammer? I mean, he is being charged with “attempted murder,” so how did the cops intervene?

And how did the beating stop?

All of this could be answered with the bodycam footage, but they won’t release that. Instead, we’re all expected to believe a bunch of desperate liars, who ONCE AGAIN, had an amazing case of “coincidental timing” happen to them right before an election.

In the last election, it was the pandemic that showed up right on time to help Biden, and now, this happened, to help struggling Dems one week before midterms.

It’s amazing the type of “coincidences” that surround Democrats and elections, isn’t it?

I wouldn’t trust these heathens as far as I could throw them, and I wouldn’t put anything past them. When Dems’ backs are against the wall, and they’re about to lose power, there is nothing they won’t do.


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