[VIDEO] Here’s What It Would Look Like if Kamala Did a “Veep” Reboot LOL

[VIDEO] Here’s What It Would Look Like if Kamala Did a “Veep” Reboot LOL

I don’t know if you’ve ever watched the show “Veep.” It’s actually really good, especially if you’re a political junkie. You can re-watch it on HBO Max, and the funniest (or scariest) part of the show when you watch it nowadays, is that it definitely has a “Biden/Kamala vibe.” You never thought in a million years you’d actually live through an admin so inept and clueless, yet here we are. So now, the question is, what would it look like if Kamala did a “Veep” reboot? Well, I can tell you from the video below that it’d be even more inept and clueless than the original because a Hollywood writer couldn’t even make this stuff up

And Kamala is the perfect “Veep” character… she’s narcissistic, doesn’t listen to her advisors, and can’t connect with the average American people because she’s such a privileged elite…  and that’s precisely why most of America doesn’t like Kamala.

Washington Examiner reported back in April that voter questions about President Joe Biden’s mental and physical fitness have done nothing to change continued doubts about his vice president, Kamala Harris.

According to the latest Rasmussen Reports survey, Biden’s No. 2 is seen as both unpopular and unqualified.

After recently stumbling over her words on several topics, Rasmussen found that 54% do not believe the former California senator is qualified to be president. Just 42% do.

And it is notable that 45% see Harris as “not at all qualified” to be president, according to the poll previewed by Secrets.

Not surprisingly, then, voters have an unfavorable opinion of Harris. Just 40% view the first female vice president favorably compared to 56% who have an unfavorable opinion.

Harris has been dogged by recent “word salads” and misstatements, massive staff turnovers, and few accomplishments. On Monday, her deputy chief of staff quit.

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But it’s the word salads that are plaguing her something fierce…

Economic Times reported that Kamala Harris is the most delinquent target of mockers as she uses another word salad. Her video went viral over the internet on Tuesday, which showed her repetitive word salad. According to her, billions are invested in community banks as the community banks are present in the community.

U.S Vice President Kamala Harris talked about how the Joe Biden management invested billions of dollars into the community banks. While talking about the investment and its needs, she was stuck on the word ‘community.’

A video of her talk is viral over the internet due to her latest word salad. Kamala said that Biden’s government had invested an extra amount of USD 12 billion into the community banks, and they know and understand the community’s needs and wants along with the community’s talent and capability.


But it’s this video with “Selina Meyer” and Kamala both on screen for the “Veep” reboot that has everyone laughing. I saw this, and knew you’d enjoy it, even if you’ve never watched Veep.

You can watch the video below:

Wow. Is this the first time The Daily Show has actually mocked Kamala?

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Holy sh*t the daily show did something funny?”

“It’s borderline criminal that Kamala has been VP for nearly 2 years and is providing weekly material to late night talk shows and sketch comedy series, yet they’ve barely laid a finger on her.”

“If only she would misspell “potato”, she’d never be forgotten.”

“Oh no — you inadvertently made actual comedy.”

“Wow. That 75% drop is making you take shots at your masters.”

“So much good material you left out, but a least you finally call it out.”

“You should have tried this 2 years ago. Maybe Trevor wouldn’t be looking for a new gig.”

“How weird is it that the only people not laughing at Joe and Kamala are the comedians? Think about that for a minute” 

“Thank you for finally tapping into this golden material that was previously off limits.”

“Wow. I’m sorry I ever laughed at Dan Quayle…”

“The country owes Dan Quayle an apology” 

“Not a coincidence they do something funny the minute unfunny Trevor Noah announces his retirement”

“Veep was and still is the most brilliant show. Became our political reality or maybe it always was”

“Hey, Daily Show, thanks for finally jumping on board with how the rest of us feel.” 

Comedy has missed the most golden opportunity to make fun and get laughs with this admin, all because they’re butt-hurt libs.

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