Kanye West Suspended From Instagram AND Twitter After Anti-Semitic Posts

Kanye West Suspended From Instagram AND Twitter After Anti-Semitic Posts

After posting a frightening threat against Jews on Sunday, Kanye West’s Twitter account was restricted. A Twitter spokeswoman has announced that “the account in issue has been locked due to a breach of Twitter’s policy.” Just before the stroke of midnight on Saturday, West published the disputed tweet.

“I’m a little tired tonight, but when I wake up, I’m going to kill three Jews.” The ironic part is that I can’t possibly be anti-Semitic given that Jews are black people. Additionally, you guys have played with me and attempted to blacklist everyone who disagrees with your agenda,” he stated.

Twitter removed the plainly anti-Semitic tweet and added a comment that it was against their rules.

Who do you believe invented cancel culture, West asked in another tweet purportedly on the same subject?

West referred to a story about his suspension from Instagram for anti-Semitic tweets directed towards Diddy in the tweet that was later deleted.

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NBC News claims: “Ye published a now-deleted post on Friday that a group is accusing of being anti-Semitic, which led to the decision. Ye included a screenshot of a text conversation he claimed to have had with Sean “Diddy” Combs in the tweet, along with the statement “Jesus is Jew.” According to the letter from Ye, Combs was under the direction of Jews, which is a reference to a well-known anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.”

West moved his ideas to Twitter after Instagram suspended him, but he only stayed there for 36 hours.

West had a remarkable week. At his Paris Fashion Week show, he debuted “White Lives Matter” shirts, which infuriated the fashion world. He then attacked his detractors on Instagram.

Additionally, he spoke with Tucker Carlson and said things about Jared Kushner that some people took to be anti-Semitic. Although West said on Fox News that Trump’s Jewish son-in-law was only in it for himself, it appeared that he did not completely comprehend what Kushner had done in relation to the peace agreements between Israel and Arab countries. West remarked, “I just think it was to earn money.”

In addition, the rapper posted what appears to be a teaser for a presidential candidacy in 2024, a notion with which he has previously toyed.

This is not the first time Kanye West has experienced Instagram limitations. The rapper was taken off the stage in March for a whole day. In that event, content from West’s account was also removed for breaking the rules against hate speech, bullying, and harassment.


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