Welp, It’s Over… Kari Lake Just Won The AZ Governor’s Election After This Magical Moment

Welp, It’s Over… Kari Lake Just Won The AZ Governor’s Election After This Magical Moment

Wow, every once in a while, something really truly magical will happen to a sincere politician on the campaign trail. And I am not talking about all this “smoke and mirrors” staged “Truman Show” nonsense we’ve been seeing with Joe Biden and other Dems. These fake, orchestrated cheesy moments Dems and establishment politicians try to pass off as “real” are totally laughable. Remember the 4th of July BBQ with that bozo Terry McAuliffe? Where he had piles of raw meat on a bbq that wasn’t even lit?

Career politicians love to pretend they’re just “regular Joe’s,” when they’re not. These are corrupt, immoral scumbags. Many moons ago (back in the 90s) this sort of cheesy/fake stuff would fly because the internet wasn’t around to mock them. People just begrudgingly accepted this phoniness. But nowadays, they can’t get away with it anymore. Terry was (rightfully) brutalized for this dopey stunt, and he also lost his bid to be governor of Virginia.

But like I said, occasionally, a real moment will sneak through, and it happens when the person running for office is sincere and doing it for the right reasons… and that’s what just happened to Kari Lake, the powerhouse America First candidate for AZ governor, who is taking the state — and the country — by storm.

What happened at this campaign event in AZ can only happen with the stars align and God is on your side.

What a beautiful moment.

She won the race if you ask me. It’ll be impossible for her opponent to top this special moment involving a little 6-year-old Hispanic girl by the name of Lianna.

You can watch the video below:

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Wasn’t that amazing?

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Yep, that pretty much sealed the deal.”

“Be proud that all across America DECENCY is coming back.”

“Awwww that little girl! 🥲 god bless her”

“…What a woman, soft and nurturing of the innocent but hard as a clenched fist and combative against institutionalized evil”

“The wokatard Hobbs would have stood up there with a died fetus in her hands proudly and arrogantly and would have said this is what I’m in this for. This was never alive and would have never have grown into a person. And the dope wokatard who loves death would clap like a moron.”

“I would love it if Kari Lake could represent my state of Maryland! She is exceptionally qualified.”

“The polls wouldn’t be close if they would stop counting the dead democrats”

“AZ is ground zero for election cheating ..If Katie Hobbs wins this election you’ll know the fix is in…I mean Hobbs won’t show her face for anything ,she goes unrecognized in local Starbucks ,she can’t answer a question without saying”ah bla,bla,ah and ah…..she is weak ,Kari is strong ….we’ll see ?”

“Damn near brought a tear to my eye..She’s like the female version of Ron DeSantis..Arizona will be in a great place with her as Governor..”

Yes, I have called Kari the DeSantis of the West… My concern though, like others, is the cheating in Arizona. Trust me, they’ll do whatever they can to hold on to as much as they can, so we need to be so diligent and also, flood the polls like never before.

Don’t even entertain the idea of “sitting this one out.” No. If you don’t come out for Republicans this year, you support the communist left. It’s really that simple.

H/T-Citizen Free Press

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