Megyn Kelly’s Forecast For 2024 GOP Nominee STUNS DeSantis-Backed Dave Rubin

Megyn Kelly’s Forecast For 2024 GOP Nominee STUNS DeSantis-Backed Dave Rubin

Megyn Kelly’s forecast for the 2024 election, supposing former President Donald Trump were to run again, stunned BlazeTV host Dave Rubin. In a recent episode of The Rubin Report, Kelly was questioned about the probable GOP presidential primary contest between Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R).

Kelly said in the video, which was shared on Twitter by Merissa Hansen, that DeSantis has no chance of defeating Trump. Well, she added, “I just don’t think anyone else could win if Trump runs.”

So you don’t believe DeSantis is cunning enough or that the album would hold up enough if they performed on stage, do you? Rubin inquired.

Kelly said firmly, “No,” to Rubin’s surprise. “No, I don’t even remotely consider that. Trump, in my opinion, always drains the vitality from a room. And even someone with DeSantis’ level of political acumen and policy acumen cannot overcome that. He’s unable. DeSantis can only win the Republican nomination if Trump decides not to run, supports him, or passes away.

“I simply don’t imagine a situation in which Trump says ‘I want it,’ let’s say, and DeSantis defeats him handily in the primary,” she said. Are you certain that the staunch MAGA supporters will switch from Trump to DeSantis? They aren’t.

The core MAGA group, according to Kelly, still thinks that Trump “screwed” his first time in office and merits another shot.

“I communicate with them frequently. They won’t phone me when I’m on the radio to talk to them. DeSantis is liked, but they don’t believe it’s his time. They believe that all the chaos, the Russia investigation, and other issues cost Trump his most recent election and his first term in office. They believe he is entitled to and deserves another chance. Therefore, I wouldn’t place any chips on DeSantis at all unless Trump generously and kindly says, “Get behind DeSantis,” Kelly added.

Rubin retorted, “That’s extremely intriguing. I’ve mentioned it before, but I’d really like for them to resolve their differences over dinner and on the side before moving further. Many believe that they should simply get on the debate stage and do it, and whomever comes out will be sharper for it (and I’m sort of moving on this a little bit). However, I agree that there is a certain segment of the base that, if it doesn’t reach Trump, would prefer to set everything on fire.

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Rubin was challenged by Kelly, who pointed out that the “part” of the MAGA base he was referring to is really a “vast” chunk of his followers.

“Dave, that’s a substantial percentage. It is a sizable amount. I always hear from the steadfast Trump supporters that they are unmovable and that they admire DeSantis but would never oppose Trump for him. They also believe that DeSantis owes Trump some of his success in politics. Like they would choose Trump if forced to. So DeSantis can’t defeat him,” Kelly said.

Do you think Kelly was right with her analysis? Do you think Rubin was happy or receptive to the discussion?

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Charlene Greenway
3 months ago

I agree with Ms. Kelly, and I also think Rubin was sh*cked.

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