Walker Denies Daily Beast Abortion Story; “They’ll Say Or Do Everything To Win This Seat’

Walker Denies Daily Beast Abortion Story; “They’ll Say Or Do Everything To Win This Seat’

Democrats are behind a claim that Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker paid for an alleged former lover to get an abortion, Walker said to Sean Hannity on Monday night.

The Republican who supports life claimed that a Daily Beast article claiming he spent $700 in 2009 for the surgery is false and was invented by Democrats to divert attention away from problems like “inflation.” Walker asserted that the party is concerned that he would defeat Sen. Raphael Warnock in the election (D-GA).

Immediately after welcoming the former college and NFL running back to his show, Hannity launched into the subject.

Serious allegations that you paid for an abortion in 2009, Hannity alleged. Do you know the woman who is making this accusation, first of all?

Walker answered: “I am clueless. I have no idea, but it is blatantly false. You now understand the significance of this seat. They’ll say or do everything to win this seat, including lying. Because they want to make it about anything other than what the real issues facing this nation are. The open border, inflation, and crime are the issues. They are making up falsehoods because they need this Georgia seat but don’t want to discuss it.”

Walker urged supporters to contribute to his campaign website and stated that he is “excited” by the news.

After that, Hannity pressed the former football star for further information: “I’ll ask you this now. As a result, they assert that the lady possesses a receipt dated September 12, 2009, for an abortion. They assert that you sent a $700 check five days later, on September 17, and include it in a get-well card. The get-well card seems to be attached to the article along with your signature. Do you recognize the signature, and have you seen it?”

Walker said that he often sends get-well cards and that he had not seen the card. He declared, “I can assure you right now, I never asked anyone to get an abortion.” “I never paid for an abortion. It is false.

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What about the $700 check? inquired Hannity. Is there anyone to whom you can recall sending that much cash?

Walker claimed that while being naturally kind, he did not remember mailing any specific person any money.

He added, “I send money to a number of individuals. That is what makes it so humorous.

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