Looks Like We’re FINALLY Getting Rid of No-Good, Trump-Hating RINO Lisa Murkowski

Looks Like We’re FINALLY Getting Rid of No-Good, Trump-Hating RINO Lisa Murkowski

I’ll tell you what, I don’t like any RINOs. I can’t stand any of them, but there’s something that really irks me about Lisa Murkowski, the no-good TDS senator out of the great state of Alaska. She actually voted to impeach President Trump… and while I know several RINOs did the same thing, I think what bugs me most about Lisa Murkowski, is that she’s from such a deeply red state. And we shouldn’t have a RINO is a state as red and patriotic as Alaska.

Take for example, Susan Collins, she’s another annoying goodie-two-shoes RINO, but she’s out of Maine, a very liberal state, so I expect her to act like she does. The only alternative in Maine is to have a full-blown Democrat in her seat. But the same can’t be said for Alaska. We should have a bold America First senators from that state. But we don’t, and that’s why I am so annoyed with Murkowski. And it’s not like she’s been winning because she’s so beloved or anything like that. It’s thanks to her father and his connections. He was a former Alaska Senator and governor of Alaska… But money and power isn’t the only reason. It’s also because of Ranked Voting.

What is “Ranked Voting” … I will explain:

RCV is a process that allows voters to rank candidates for a particular office in order of preference. Consider a race where four candidates – A, B, C, and D – are running for a single seat such as Governor. In an election utilizing RCV, voters simply rank the candidates 1-4, with the candidate ranked as “1” being the voter’s highest preference for Governor. If a candidate is the first choice of more than half the voters, that candidate wins the election. But if no candidate gets the majority of the vote, the candidate with the least amount of support is eliminated, the second choice votes for that eliminated candidate are redistributed, and this process continues until a candidate wins more than half of the vote.

For example, let’s say a voter prefers, in rank order, candidate B, C, D, and then A. But, no candidate receives a majority of the votes in the first round, and candidate B receives the least first choice votes. Candidate B is eliminated, and all votes for candidate B are distributed to the voter’s second choice, which in this case is candidate C. This process repeats until a candidate has a majority of the vote.

But I am happy to report, that after all these years of RINO Murkowski “stealing” a RED senate seat, it looks like she’s finally come to the end of her road.

The left-leaning polling group “FiveThirtyEight” predicts that Trump’s America First Candidate Kelly Tshibaka will win the race. This is remarkably great news, and something for all of us to celebrate. Because Murkowski was so bad for the America First agenda, Kelly’s win will basically be like “flipping” that seat.

Bye Felicia! 

Here’s what FiveThirtyEight has posted on their website today.

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This is the key takeaway, in the fine print at the bottom: “FiveThirtyEight, there is a 99% chance of a Republican winning Alaska’s senate election and a 53% chance of Tshibaka taking Murkowski’s seat.”

Also, take a look at these polls that FiveThirtyEight has up on their site:

And as you can imagine, the GOP establishment is wrecked over this outcome in Alaska. My gosh, Mitch McConnell has been feverishly throwing money at Murkowski’s campaign, desperate to save her from succumbing to an America-first patriot. It’s a glorious thing to see.

But we can’t just sit back and expect the Red Wave to crash without our help. That’s not how this works, especially on days when Dem cheating appears to be off the charts.

We need to flood the polls. Nobody can sit this one out. You need to make sure you, and everyone around you is ready to go and will be voting R all down the ballot.

It’s the only chance we have of getting this country back to some semblance of normality.

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