Megyn Kelly Reveals Her Healthy Sister Just Died Suddenly of a Heart Attack

Megyn Kelly Reveals Her Healthy Sister Just Died Suddenly of a Heart Attack

There have been a lot of very scary heart issues as of late. We’re hearing about a lot of young healthy people dying of heart attacks. Some as young as 13 years old are suffering cardiac arrest. And this isn’t just one or two, this is happening a lot, and it’s scaring many people, and for good reason. Many people believe this sudden rise in heart attacks among young people has to do with the COVID vaccine. They don’t have any proof, mainly because nobody seems interested in investigating these cases. We’re told over and over that the vaccine is perfectly safe.

But the public has a lot of trust issues with the “experts,”, especially after how they handled COVID and the vaccine. Both Fauci and the CDC told us that if you took the vaccine, you wouldn’t catch COVID, and we all know, that turned out not to be true. And while that may not bother some people, it bothers many. That was a huge flub, and nobody has ever apologized for it.

Whatever the case may be, something doesn’t feel right. And it’s not just young healthy people who are dying, people who are healthy but older are also dying suddenly. And that’s what brings me to today’s sad story… Megyn Kelly has revealed that her 58 year 0ld sister, who she says was a healthy person with no heart issues, has just died.

She had a sudden heart attack, that nobody saw coming. Of course, sadly, this happens to many people. My father died of a sudden and massive heart attack, but it turns out, he had horrific heart disease that we didn’t know about. In other words, he was NOT healthy.

The New York Post reported that a tearful Megyn Kelly announced on her podcast on Monday that her older sister, Suzanne Crossley, died of a heart attack on Friday.

“Something really sad happened in my family over the weekend,” Kelly said as her voice was cracking at the start of her SiriusXM podcast on Monday.

“My sister died,” Kelly said. “She was 58. Her name was Suzanne Crossley and she died Friday suddenly of a heart attack.”

Kelly, 51, said her sister “hasn’t been in very good health the past couple of years.”

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“It’s just been sort of like one problem after another,” Kelly said.

“So it was sudden and unexpected.”

Kelly said that after she heard the news on Friday, she went to spend time with her mother, Linda Kelly, and her other siblings.

“It was really hard,” Kelly recalled. “It was extremely emotional.”

“As all moms and dads out there know, this is not the order in which this is supposed to happen,” she said.

Kelly said she plans to spend more time with her family after the podcast on Monday.

Crossley’s funeral is scheduled for Tuesday, according to her sister.

Kelly told her listeners on Monday that she considered not doing her show on Monday in light of the family tragedy.

“But for me, it’s better to be here,” she said of her decision to broadcast her show as scheduled.

“Maybe you can relate, but it’s more cathartic to work.”

Doing the podcast “gave me a couple of hours where I can take my mind off of it,” according to Kelly.

Here’s a picture of Megyn’s sister Suzanne:

Megyn said that her sister liked to do crafts and was very artistic, and she also love playing cards and dominos.

She sounds like she was a fun lady. How sad that she’s gone, when she had so much life left to live.

We’ll be sending our love out to Megyn and pray that Suzanne is resting in peace.

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