Everything Just Hit The Fan For Mitch McConnell, Who’s Now in Deep Trouble

Everything Just Hit The Fan For Mitch McConnell, Who’s Now in Deep Trouble

Mitch McConnell isn’t a “turtle.” He’s a RINO. A dying RINO, who will do anything he can to hold on to power, even if that means sabotaging Republicans. And yes, that’s exactly what Mitch is doing right now. He’s fighting tooth and nail against two America First candidates, Kelly Tshibaka out of Alaska and Blake Masters out of Arizona. And the reason why he’s feverishly trying to stop both is because each one of these candidates has vowed NOT to support him as Senate Majority or Minority Leader next session.

And while Mitch has basically been allowed to play these evil establishment games quietly, in the shadows. It’s now all coming to the forefront, thanks to the Alaskan Republicans, who are not only calling him out for what he’s doing, but they’re also asking that he be censored for it.

The Federalist reported that Alaska Republicans are calling on the Kentucky GOP to formally censure Sen. Mitch McConnell for the bluegrass senator’s interference in the Alaskan Senate contest against the party-endorsed candidate.

On Thursday, the Alaskan Republican Party’s District 9 central committee passed a resolution to condemn the Senate minority leader’s spending on behalf of Sen. Lisa Murkowski. The incumbent senator running for a fourth full term in the upper chamber is locked in a tight contest against Donald Trump-backed challenger Kelly Tshibaka, who is also endorsed by the Alaskan Republican Party.

McConnell’s super PAC to reclaim the majority, the Senate Leadership Fund, is spending heavily in the race between two Republicans, which the latest polls show is a tied match. According to the Anchorage Daily News, McConnell’s political operation has poured more than $7 million into the Alaskan contest instead of using that money towards ripe pick-up opportunities in Nevada and Arizona.

“We request the Senate Leadership Fund immediately stop the attack ads against Kelly Tshibaka and discontinue all support of Senator Murkowski,” District 9 Republicans demanded. Their resolution went on to demand Kentucky GOP leadership censure their senator for meddling in Alaska’s party affairs while the minority leader abandons efforts at capturing the majority.

“We request the Republican Party of Kentucky leadership act against Senator Mitch McConnell for his inappropriate behavior against Alaska Republicans and Republican endorsed candidate Kelly Tshibaka,” the Alaska Republicans wrote.

Alaska’s District 9 committee based in Anchorage is the second state party group to admonish the Kentucky lawmaker’s interference, according to Must Read Alaska columnist Suzanne Downing.

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“The first was District 6, a Homer-area subdivision of the Alaska GOP,” Downing wrote.

In September, McConnell’s PAC reinjected money into the Alaska Senate contest after initially canceling $1.7 million alongside $8 million stripped from Republican Arizona Senate nominee Blake Masters. McConnell later pulled another $10 million from the Arizona race, leaving the Republican candidate abandoned by the primary super PAC charged with reclaiming the upper chamber.

Both Masters and Tshibaka have pledged not to support McConnell for another term in GOP leadership.

If we don’t get rid of saboteurs like Mitch McConnell, and I am sorry, but Kevin McCarthy, too, then we will never win. Neither one of these men supports the America First Agenda, and just like last time, they will both work against our agenda behind the scenes. They will pull strings and call in favors and work with the left to make sure the MAGA agenda does not pass. And that’s because they are BOTH establishment Republicans — the old guard, and nothing — and I mean NOTHING will ever change that.

I am semi-confident that McConnell will not be a “leader” anymore, but I think McCarthy will likely be House Speaker. I wish President Trump didn’t trust him so much, I think he’s a bad guy, a sneaky guy, and a mole who will secretly work to sabotage MAGA every chance he gets.

But as it stands now, McConnell is destroying his political career. President Trump has been calling him out, and now Alaska is chiming in. I don’t think he can survive all of this pressure. And I hope he doesn’t. I can’t wait to say “good riddance” to that traitorous bum.

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