Musk Seemingly Pokes Fun At Truth Social; Claims ‘Echo Chamber’ Should Be Given Another Name

Musk Seemingly Pokes Fun At Truth Social; Claims ‘Echo Chamber’ Should Be Given Another Name

Even though Elon Musk is still in the process of buying Twitter, he is already attacking other social media platforms, notably Truth Social, where former President Donald Trump is stuck after being banned from Twitter and other platforms.

Musk called Truth Social a “echo chamber” when discussing his purchase of Twitter in an interview with the Financial Times published on Friday.¬†According to Musk, Truth Social is simply a right-wing echo chamber. “Trumpet might be a better name”

Musk began to criticize Truth Social as he insisted that he was not purchasing Twitter for any financial gain.

“I don’t use Twitter for financial gain. It’s not like I’m attempting to purchase a boat and am unable to do so,” he remarked. I have no boats to my name. However, I believe it’s crucial that people have a very reliable and open method of exchanging ideas, and that it should be as transparent and reliable as possible.

Trump has frequently praised his own social media network and said he will never resume his long-standing tweeting pastime, despite Musk’s prior expressions of willingness to bringing individuals like him back onto Twitter.

Musk covered a broad range of issues in his discussion, including personal ones like one of his own children openly disowning him.

In May, Musk said that removing Trump off Twitter was “not proper” and ultimately pointless because it did not take away his voice.

“I do believe that excluding Donald Trump was improper. I believe it was a mistake because it enraged a sizable portion of the populace without finally removing Donald Trump’s voice, he added.

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According to reports, Musk is continuing with his plan to buy Twitter despite getting into a legal spat with the social media site after attempting to back out of the agreement by blaming problems with supposed bots on the app.


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