New Emerson Survey Has Good News For Donald Trump, Bad News For Joe Biden

New Emerson Survey Has Good News For Donald Trump, Bad News For Joe Biden

An Emerson survey found that people in Iowa preferred former President Donald Trump over former President Joe Biden by 8 points in a possible presidential election contest in 2024.

According to the study, 47% of people would choose Trump in 2024 as opposed to 39% who would back Biden. The poll also reveals that 38% of respondents would still back Trump in 2024 regardless of the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago. However, 28% indicated they are less inclined to support the former president as a result of the raid, while 34% said they are more likely to.

In Iowa, 56% of voters disapprove of Biden’s job performance, compared to 34% who approve and 10% who are indifferent.

In terms of topics, 45% of Iowa voters rank the economy as the most crucial one, with dangers to democracy coming in second with 17%, access to abortion with 12%, healthcare with 7%, and immigration with 7%.

“Republican [Sen. Chuck] Grassley [of Iowa] wins the vote by 61 points, and Republican [incumbent Gov. Kim] Reynolds wins by 69 points, according to those who rank the economy as their top concern. In contrast, those who cite dangers to democracy as their top concern support [Democratic Senate candidate Michael] Franken by 57 points and [Democratic candidate for governor of Iowa Deidre] DeJear by 50 points, respectively “Spencer Kimball, director of the Emerson College Poll, stated.

With regard to the midterm elections, Grassley leads Franken by 11 points, 49% to 38%, for the Senate. 53% of Iowans favor Reynolds for governor, compared to 36% who support DeJear.

From October 2 to October 4, a poll was taken. There were 959 probable Iowa voters in the sample. Plus or minus 3.1% was the error margin.


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Charlene Greenway
3 months ago

Th*se 10% that are indifferent don’t need to be voting, they’re apparently not interested in anything and have to be an uninformed bunch of people.

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