NFL Superstar Ends Marketing Partnership With Kanye West Over Anti-Semitic Remarks

NFL Superstar Ends Marketing Partnership With Kanye West Over Anti-Semitic Remarks

Aaron Donald, an All-Pro defensive lineman for the Los Angeles Rams, said on Tuesday that he was ending his marketing partnership with Kanye West’s Donda Sports. After making multiple recent antisemitic remarks that led to the rapper being dropped by several big companies, the decision was made.

Donda Sports, which West formed and named in honor of his late mother, was joined by Donald, who made the announcement in May. Donald was solely represented by Donda Sports in his marketing agreements.


“Our family has made the decision to part ways with Donda Sports. The recent comments and displays of hate and antisemitism are the exact opposite of how we choose to live our lives and raise our children. We find them to be irresponsible and go against everything we believe in as a family.

“As parents and members of society, we felt a responsibility to send a clear message that hateful words and actions have consequences and that we must do better as human beings. We do not feel our beliefs, voices and actions belong anywhere near a space that misrepresents and oppresses people of any background, ethnicity or race.

“We’ve had the pleasure of working with many incredible people along the way and hope to continue to use our platform to uplift and support other families, children and communities through positive outreach.”

The following is a complete statement from Donald and his wife, Erica:

The only active NFL player to sign with Donda is known to be Donald. Antonio Brown, a free agent wide receiver, was appointed president of Donda Sports in February.

On Twitter earlier this month, the 24-time Grammy Award-winning rapper threatened to “go death [sic] con 3” on Jews. He has stated that slavery was a choice in the past and has donned “White Lives Matter” shirts.

Adidas fired West after his comments on Tuesday. According to the firm, the breakup of the collaboration, which the brand and West had been working on since 2016, may cost the brand up to $246 million.

Adidas stated in a statement on Tuesday that it “does not allow antisemitism and any other type of hate speech.” Ye has recently made remarks and taken acts that are undesirable, harmful, and against the company’s principles of inclusiveness, respect, and fairness.

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Working with West and Donda Sports was “a helluva chance to open up a lot of other doors,” Donald said on the “I Am Athlete” podcast in May.

Donald said on the show, “It was an opportunity that came to us, me and [my wife], and it made sense.” “Hearing the full range of what they would be providing and the whole family feel that they received at Donda Sports Along with my wife, I’m a part of that as well. For me, it was an easy decision.”

Donald was mentioned by name by West in a lengthy explanation of his antisemitic remarks and what it would take for him to apologize during an interview with Piers Morgan last week.

When West met with the individuals responsible for drafting the contracts for the NBA, NFL, professional music, and acting, he said, “I sit down with them.” “We need to convene the top executives, attorneys, stadium owners, football team owners, and record label owners, and we’re going to do it in one room. And we’ll read the top ten results in each of these categories. Let’s examine the deal for Michael B. Jordan. Let’s examine Aaron Donald’s agreement.”

At that time, Morgan interrupted West, and the two began shouting at one another. West requested help finishing what he described as “a wonderful idea.” He continued by saying that he intended to use a live platform and an experienced legal team to evaluate and analyze the best contracts in the NBA, NFL, and music business.

Then I will apologize, West said, “once that moment occurs.”

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