John Fetterman Just Had The Rug YANKED Out From Under Him

John Fetterman Just Had The Rug YANKED Out From Under Him

If you didn’t see the train wreck PA debate between Dr. Oz and John Fetterman, you likely heard about it. It was the saddest and more horrific debate in the history of worldwide politics. I don’t know how Fetterman’s wife, Gisele, could stand back and allow her husband to look like such a buffoon on live TV like that. I guess Gisele went to the “Jill Biden School For Heartless Wives” or something. It was bad, and the only spin that Dems could come up with was to say that Fetterman was “brave” to show up to the debate and that “disabled” Americans have a right to serve in the Senate too.

First off, it wasn’t “brave” what Fetterman did. It was selfish and sad. Second off, yes, disabled Americans have a right to work, but that doesn’t mean I want Fetterman to be my surgeon or my doctor… and I certainly don’t want him to be a US Senator, where he’s making decisions that will impact my everyday life. And that doesn’t make me a bad person to say that — it makes me a wise and responsible person.

Look, we already have a senile, cognitively shattered old man pretending to run the country, and look at the damage he’s caused. Enough is enough.

And the American people know this, thank God. We have a string of new post-debate polls that are telling the story.

News Nation Now reported that Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz has pulled ahead of Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman in the Pennsylvania Senate race, according to two polls that were conducted after this week’s hotly contested debate.

Oz now has a 53% chance of winning the race compared to Fetterman at 47%, according to Decision Desk HQ’s forecasting model. Just over two weeks ago, the same model showed Fetterman with a 70% chance of winning and Oz with a 30% chance.

The shift in odds toward the former TV personality and retired heart surgeon is the result of two polls released this week.

Among 750 likely voters, 47.5% said they would vote for Oz if the election were held today, compared to 44.8% who said the same for Fetterman, according to a new Insider Advantage poll. Independents broke overwhelmingly for Oz, with 65.9% supporting the former TV personality versus 22.5% for Fetterman.

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About 3.6% of respondents said they were undecided.

A separate survey of 1,000 likely voters from Wick Insights saw a similar margin in Oz’s favor: 47.6% of respondents said they would vote for Oz if the election were held today, versus 45.9% who would choose Fetterman. In that poll, 3% of those surveyed said they were undecided.

The latest polls are the first indication that Fetterman’s performance at Tuesday’s debate may be weighing on the minds of voters. The Democratic candidate, who suffered a stroke back in May, struggled to articulate his policy positions and sounded incoherent at times.

Well, if you think those polls are bad for Fetterman, wait until you see the one I am about to show you.

This one focuses on the all-important independent vote, and what I am about to show you will blow your mind.

After the debate, there was a 43-point swing in favor of Dr. Oz… Yes, I said FORTY-THREE.

Here’s a link to this poll, if you want to look at it more closely.

That same poll also has Josh Shapiro losing independents by 25-points, which is good news for Doug Mastriano.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“So that means the over/under on when PA stops the count on election night is 10PM. I’m taking the under.”

“Gonna be really hard for Dems to cheat thier way out of this one.” 

“Fetterman’s gonna need 81 million votes to win this thing” 

“Dems see this poll and just turned the printer up to 11” 

“Nobody likes a spoon-fed rich kid who can’t string a sentence together” 

“This is legit terrible news. Giving the Dems way too much lead time and runway to cheat.”

“Basically more women like dipshit Fetterman because they watch “The View” for their information.”

“Dems are gonna have to stop “the count” at around 8:01 pm, if they want to pull this one off”

“This is why I think Oz can overcome the Philadelphia machine and beat Fetterman.”

Here’s the bottom line, it doesn’t matter what the polls say, good or bad. We need to come out and flood the polls like a sea of red… we can’t take anything for granted, and nobody can sit this one out. We need all hands on deck if we have any hope of taking power back from these radical Democrat communists.

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