Parler CEO Dodges Host’s Honest Question About Potential Anti-Semitic Posts After Kanye West Takes Over

Parler CEO Dodges Host’s Honest Question About Potential Anti-Semitic Posts After Kanye West Takes Over

In an exchange with Parler CEO George Farmer on Fox Business on Tuesday, presenter Stuart Varney repeatedly questioned if anti-Semitism on the social networking site would be acceptable under Ye, formerly known as Kanye West.

Ye’s Twitter account was previously disabled due to a tweet that was anti-Semitic. The rapper has persisted in stirring up controversy with further troubling remarks, such as the assertion that the “Jewish underground media mafia” is trying to get him.

Are you going to support unrestricted expression, and if so, does that mean that remarks like the one that barred Ye from Twitter will be permitted? Varney enquired.


Farmer avoided answering the anti-Semitism query and instead praised Parler’s commitment to free speech and prohibitions on pornographic material.

As stated by Farmer: “Here, I want to return to a higher plane and ask: When should we control speech? The extremely explicit community rules have been upheld by Parler consistently. We don’t allow pornography, financial doxxing, or intellectual property theft, but as soon as you start making distinctions between hate speech and other speech, you give yourself the authority to decide what can and cannot be posted online. This is where we’ve come to with the issue with current social media.”

Varney pressed the issue of anti-Semitism being monitored on the site once more.

The CEO of Parler said, “Do we all want anti-Semitism writ large on Parler? We all want free expression.

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Farmer said: “I don’t think Ye has provided any indication that that’s the case.” Ye is only searching for a platform for his “speech,” he added.

Farmer once more dodged the topic when Varney pressed it, but this time he said that Ye would become the company’s “controller” after his agreement is finalized and Farmer won’t be engaged in day-to-day choices like what speech to regulate.

Farmer said of Ye that “He will be the controller in the end.”

It seems the current CEO doesn’t care whether or not Kanye uses the platform for his anti-semitic rants once he purchases it.

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