Political Ad Slamming Biden Administration Airs During World Series

Political Ad Slamming Biden Administration Airs During World Series

Friday during Game 1 of the World Series, a new political advertisement criticizing President Biden over subjects like illegal immigration and the status of the economy aired.

We get here, but how? ‘Low salaries, high inflation, record crime, and illegal immigration from areas as far away as Pakistan,’ the opening line of the advertisement laments.

The advertisement, which was aired 11 days before the midterm elections and was funded by Citizens for Sanity, seemed to be directed at Latino voters because the narrator’s voice clearly had a Hispanic accent.


Our cities are in disarray. The public sector is a nightmare. However, Joe Biden sent $66 billion to Ukraine rather than assisting us. billions more in weapons. Joe Biden recently claimed that the conflict in Ukraine might result in nuclear Armageddon. Third World War

“You understand what I mean? No more,” the commercial says.

The organization that funded the advertisement has funded a number of provocative advertising during the 2022 election season, many of which make fun of progressive causes and politicians in swing states before the election.

According to OpenSecrets, a group that analyzes political donations, Citizens for Sanity is allegedly related to members of the previous President Donald Trump’s administration.

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In several media regions, the group ran additional advertising during the Major League Baseball playoffs that highlighted the border problem. Some have shocked the audience. One of them was described as “violent” and “vile” by Will Bunch of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

A major Democratic political organization will also air advertisements during Game 1 in the Philadelphia media, according to a Friday report from The Philadelphia Inquirer. These advertisements will highlight Dr. Mehmet Oz’s remarks on abortion rights.

Major League Baseball asserts that it is not in charge of choosing which political advertisements are shown during game broadcasts.

An MLB spokeswoman informed The Athletic on Friday that “Networks make the decision on what political commercials to show.” MLB says it doesn’t think it should have the authority to restrict political advertising.




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