Last Month 36-Year-Old Politician Posted Pic Getting His 4th Booster…On Oct. 11th, He Died Suddenly

Last Month 36-Year-Old Politician Posted Pic Getting His 4th Booster…On Oct. 11th, He Died Suddenly

Don’t bother trying to find this story on Google. It’s not there; at least not when I checked. I had to go to DuckDuckGo to find an article about this young man who suddenly died. The man’s name is José Silva dos Santos Júnior (known as Junior da Pax), and he’s a Brazilian businessman and politician who was very fond of vaccines. He actually took a photo of himself getting his 4th booster, and proudly stated Vaccines Save Lives. And now, today, he is dead.

Jose died at just 36 years old.

Breaking Digest reported that a Brazilian city councilor and businessman, José Silva dos Santos Júnior (known as Junior da Pax) died at the age of 36. The death occurred at around 11 p.m. this Monday after the councilor felt unwell at his residence, in the town of Euclid da Cunha.

Family and friends took Junior to the Hospital / ACM Unit of Euclid da Cunha, where the medical team on duty attempted to resuscitate him but were unsuccessful. In addition to being a councilor, Junior was a businessman in the funeral home business. He leaves a wife, who is pregnant, and another underage daughter.

Jose posted this on social media last month:

This is very sad to hear. His wife is pregnant, can you imagine how she feels right now? This man had his whole life ahead of him, and now, he’s gone.


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Why are all these young and healthy people dying?

I just did a story on a famous US bodybuilder, who was also a huge fan of the vaccine, and posted that if he died, anti-vaxers were right, but if he lived, they were wrong.

He died a few days ago, of what many are saying was a heart attack.

We don’t know how Junior died, only that he suddenly didn’t feel good and died shortly thereafter.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“CoRreLatiOn doEsnT mEaN cAusAtiOn”

“This breaks my heart. So many pfaithful trusted the $cience and gave everything to the cause. Sincerely; No sarcasm.”

“The elites want you to believe that this could have been so much worse if he hadn’t taken the vaccine.” 

“SCia!nCe is ScienCnce!”

“Honest question: Why are people still taking the vaccine after it was proven it didn’t stop transmission?” 

“There are so many cases like this that we don’t even know about. They will bury all of it” 

“In a decent country all of these sudden deaths would be investigated and the vax would be shutdown”

“Here’s one thing I’ve learned from all of this… if the government and big pharma push something, I am running the other way” 

“Ya know, it’s healthy to have some skepticism. I notice people on the left have none, and it’s going to be the death of them” 

“He died of trusting the government” 

“It’s amazing to watch all the lefties come out and run cover… they don’t want their precious vaccine tarnished. They worship it. Scary” 

“I have watched so many people become literally cultists over this whole covid thing. It’s scary how quickly people can be brainwashed.” 

“I’d just like to remind everyone that the COVID virus has a 99.8 survival rate and the so called cure is WAY worse than the disease.” 

We need an investigation into all of these deaths, worldwide.

Something is terribly wrong. None of this is normal.

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