[VIDEO] This Man Flawlessly Explains in 37-Seconds, Why President Trump is The G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time)

[VIDEO] This Man Flawlessly Explains in 37-Seconds, Why President Trump is The G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time)

President Trump is the GOAT. And no, that’s not an insult. It’s the best compliment you can give someone, actually. A GOAT is an abbreviation for Greatest Of All Time: used to refer to or describe the person who has performed better than anyone else ever, especially in a sport: Mohammad Ali boxed his way into our hearts and will forever be known as GOAT, Greatest Of All Time… and in politics, President Trump is absolutely the greatest of all time because he was the people’s president.

And that’s why I loved this short video from this amazing guy, who points out WHY Trump is the GOAT… and if you ask me, you can’t argue with his logic. It’s al facts.

It’s also so good to see more and more black Americans leaving the Dem Party, which has strung them along and treated them like garbage for decades. Dems are not focused on the needs of black folks unless an election is near. Otherwise, all they care about are llegals and filthy rich white liberals who push climate change. This is the reality, and blacks have suffered so much because of it. Just look at these Dem-run cities. They look like third-world cesspools. Nobody should live like that, especially in America. If we can afford to send billions and billions to Ukraine, why can’t we spend that on Americans who are suffering, and live in “war zones” that are even more dangerous than Ukraine?

Here’s what CNN said back in April about Dems troubles with black voters — trust me, it’s gotten worse since then.

Black voters form the core of the Democratic Party base. They cast ballots for Democrats in greater proportions than pretty much any other demographic group. Without the massive backing of Black voters, the last three Democratic nominees (Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama) would not have made it to the general election.

Yet, recent polling suggests the advantage Democrats have had with Black voters may be slipping, at least a little bit. This follows the 2020 election in which Biden won Black voters by less than 80 points – the weakest margin for a Democratic presidential nominee since 1996 (if your baseline is the network exit polls).

A few weeks ago, Gallup released results comparing Biden’s approval rating since October with the first six months of his administration. Much attention has been paid to his 20-plus-point drops with young adults and Hispanics.

Far less noted was that Biden’s approval rating among Black adults stood at a mere 67%. That was down 20 points, from 87% at the beginning of his presidency, which was fairly in line with the percentage of Black voters who backed him in 2020.

To put this in context, Obama’s approval rating with Black adults never dropped below 75% in any individual Gallup poll. Averaged across time, it almost always stayed safely above 80%.

Perhaps, it was the fact that Biden’s approval rating with Black adults remains high when compared with other groups that the 20-point decline didn’t get much notice. Regardless, the Gallup poll is hardly alone.

Our most recent CNN/SSRS poll on the subject found Biden’s approval with Black adults was 69%. It stood at 74% with Black voters. A recent Quinnipiac University poll put Biden’s approval rating with Black adults at 64%. A Pew Research Center poll last month had him at 72% among Black voters.

All these polls showed Biden losing a disproportionate amount of support from Black adults (and voters).

I don’t think most black families are hyper-focused on LGBTQ issues and transgenderism. I also don’t think their main focus is the climate. They have bigger fish to fry, and Dems are not speaking to those concerns. They’re too focused on illegals, transgenders, and climate change. They’re so out of touch with how real people are feeling right now — especially people who can’t even afford food.

I saw this today. How sad this, and yet, we’re sending BILLIONS to Ukraine?? It’s insanity:

So, keeping all of this in mind, I really think you’re going to love this video clip.

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You can watch the video below:

This guy nails it with FACTS. I love it. And the Dems know Trump was successful and did so many amazing things, why do you think they spent 6 years now lying about him, and creating hoax after hoax?

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