Russians Decide to Mock “WOKE Liberals” With Hilarious New Clip, Just 2 Weeks Before Midterms

Russians Decide to Mock “WOKE Liberals” With Hilarious New Clip, Just 2 Weeks Before Midterms

I am sure most of you realize that America is a laughingstock all over the world right now. And no, it’s not only because we have a senile dementia patient pretending to run the country… there’s more to it than that. Democrats have turned the US into a gigantic WOKE JOKE. We literally look like a carnival sideshow with all of these mentally ill freaks calling the shots. Suddenly, we’ve got 167 genders, 899 pronouns, men can have babies, women are now called “birthing people,” kids as young as 4-years-old can change their sex, and have their genitals lobbed off by a doctor, being morbidly obese is “stunning and brave,” and our military’s new flag is the LGBTQ rainbow one.

So, yeah, we’ve given the rest of the world a lot of stuff to laugh at. The US is now like one never-ending SNL skit, all thanks to the left’s WOKEISM agenda. It’s gotten so bad, that the Russians, who are famous for propaganda, and now mocking WOKE life in the United States, and it’s actually pretty spot on and funny.

But what about wokeism, is it here to stay, or will be free of this nonsense?

Well, back in February, Bloomberg did an interesting piece, claiming wokeism was coming to end. Here’s part of that article:

Another trend is how relatively few immigrants are woke. Latinos in particular seem more open to the Republican Party, or at least don’t seem to have strong partisan attachments. More generally, immigrant political views are more diverse than many people think, even within the Democratic Party.

And what about the survival of Joe Rogan? There are a variety of reasons he is continuing his podcast with Spotify, even in light of some serious verbal transgressions. But the fact that he has not been canceled is another sign that the power of the woke has peaked.

Wokeism is likely to evolve into a subculture that is highly educated, highly White and fairly feminine. That is still a large mass of people, but not enough to run the country or all its major institutions. In the San Francisco school board recall, for instance, the role of Asian Americans was especially prominent.

By no means will the woke vanish from public life. They are entrenched in human resource departments, and fear of employment lawsuits will make it hard to dislodge their risk-averse procedures and pro-diversity rhetoric. The status quo for hiring practices, for better or worse, is now a permanent feature of American life.

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The woke also are likely to achieve an even greater hold over American universities. Due to the tenure system, personnel turnover is low, and currently newer and younger faculty are more left-wing than are older faculty, including in my field of economics. The simple march of retirements is going to make universities even more left-wing — and even more out of touch with mainstream America.

I agree with this theory, but we can’t underestimate the radicals on the left. As they begin to lose power, they lash out even more. So, they won’t go down without a fight. But the good news is that Republicans are fighting back… and I am not talking about politicians because they’re either too scared to fight, or reluctantly join in after we the people have been fighting.

And I am 100 percent confident that we will win this culture war… meanwhile, the world is laughing and mocking us.

Take a look at what the Russians think of life in the United States. It’s funny, but it’s also horrifically sad that this is our reality.

It’s also interesting that we’re seeing this right before the midterms… when “wokeism” is on the ballot.

The FBI will probably call this “election interference.” 🙄

You can watch the video below:

I mean, they’re not wrong, are they?

Here’s what people are saying online:

“The USA is no longer feared, it’s a total joke to the rest of the world” 

“This is accurate as hell. It definitely embodies what it feels like to talk to social justice warriors some days.”

“As much as I hate to say it, but this is soooo spot on! Brilliant.”

“It’s funny because it’s true.”

“As a Democrat I can watch this and say that yes, we’ve gone way too far with this nonsense.” 

“Some of this stuff isn’t off the mark”

“Western wokeism has become so communist that even the original communists ridicule it…”

That last line is perfect. The left-wing commies make the old-school Russian commies look like creampuffs.

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