Conservative Cartoonist Scott Adams Has Very Interesting Take On Obama’s “Sabotage” of Midterms 

Conservative Cartoonist Scott Adams Has Very Interesting Take On Obama’s “Sabotage” of Midterms 

One of the things (out of many) that is plaguing the Dem Party are these woke idiots, who run around policing everyone’s speech and actions. Everyone is sick and tired of this nonsense, but these elite, snooty liberals – most of them rich white progressives – can’t stop being the “Karens” of the world and telling all of us how to talk, what words to use, who to vote for, and they also monitor if we’re “racists” or bigots, and if we require “cancellation” or not.

Why on earth are we allowing these progressive losers to dictate how life will be for the majority of us, is beyond me… I can tell you this much, there’s nobody on this planet who can “cancel” me. It’s impossible because I won’t allow it. And that’s how a lot of Americans are feeling, and they’re standing up to these bullies and it’s working.

The New York Daily News reported that a Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll that found 64% of Americans feel cancel culture is a growing threat to their freedoms, and the Hidden Tribes study profiling Americans asserts that only 8% of us are “progressive activists,” those who are highly sensitive to issues of fairness and equity, particularly regarding race and gender, and pessimistic about institutional fairness in America. Compare that to 26% who are “traditional” or “passive” liberals.

“Wokeness is a problem and everyone knows it,” Democratic strategist James Carville recently told Vox. “It’s hard to talk to anybody today — and I talk to lots of people in the Democratic Party — who doesn’t say this. But they don’t want to say it out loud.” That will change when liberals start standing up for liberalism.

Just like with everything liberals get their hands on, they take it way too far and cross every line imaginable, and they turn off the majority of the population. This happens with everything they touch. Just look at the disgusting way they’re pushing abortions. They all look like 1t degree-murdering serial killers at this point, and that’s not normal.

It’s gross.

But that’s who the Dem Party is now — a bunch of self-righteous, Godless, woke Gestapos running around policing the country’s speech, and nobody wants that nonsense. I’ll be damned if some blue-haired woman who wants to kill a baby up until the moment of birth, is going to tell me ANYTHING about how I need to behave. She’s a dreg of humanity and a ghoul in my book, and I don’t take orders from demons.

So, as we head into midterms, the left is facing this very serious issue of communist wokeism, and the Godfather of this PC movement, Mr. Barry Obama himself, is panicking and throwing his woke children under the bus, to save his failing, hateful party from utter collapse this November.

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You can watch the video below:

But conservative cartoonist Scott Adams, who created the “Dilbert” cartoon, has an interesting take on Obama’s sabotaging of the Dems before the midterms. He believes what Obama did will be hard to “shake off.” I agree. but I think it’s for good reason…

Here’s what Scott said: “Yesterday Obama framed the upcoming (presumed) red wave as caused by Democrats being too woke and unserious. That frame will be hard to shake off.”

I think what Obama did was very pre-planned and calculated. Obama isn’t a dumb guy. He knows that this whole “woke” thing (that he started) has gotten out of control and gone way too far and it needs to be pulled back. He also knows that these radicals, who Dems have depended on, must now be cast back out into the fringe, or the left will never win another election without a pandemic and illegal mail-in ballots to help them… So, I believe that now, Obama’s laying the groundwork for that. And you know what? He’s got a lot of support on the left.

Now, when the left gets their butts kicked in November, they can blame wokeism, and basically turn the tables and “cancel” it.

Here’s what people on the left are saying online:

“Glad he said it, but this sentiment needs to be repeated over and over in a non-guarded way until everyone in our party truly gets it”

“Prez Obama hits this nail right on the head – “And what works for I think everybody, is the idea of a basic equal treatment and fairness” a color blind admin would be great start for a reborn Chicago”

“President Obama is on target: Woke left liberal Democrats are the biggest “buzzkills” in America.”

“President Obama is absolutely right. The message from Democrats should be that we don’t expect perfection from people, only that people are trying to be understanding and considerate of others. Like I tell my daughter all the time – what matters is that you’re trying your best.”

“This is so easy to agree with in theory, and hard to follow in practice, lmao.”

“He’s right and that has been the reason of success for Republicans on messaging.”

“Republicans have pounced all over this woke stuff, which I have to admit, I look at and cringe sometimes. We’re beating ourselves at our game with this nonsense” 

“Obama is trying to save the party right now. We can sit back and let these woke weirdos take over, or we can cancel them, and become more relatable to everyday Americans” 

“We’re a country filled with lonely people, and good politics connects people, makes them feel a part of something. Republicans are able to make it fun and make people feel like winners. They’re sickos, but the principle is important. “

“I agree. We look angry stressed and judgemental, and Republicans look fun and energized.” 

Interesting peek into what the left is saying. Seems to me, many of them are as fed up with “woke” radicals as we are, so why are these communists still calling the shots? Obama knows this and he’s going to end it. This will likely create an internal civil war on the left, which will tear them apart. So, grab your popcorn and enjoy the show.

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