[VIDEO] SNL Actually Does Hilarious Skit Called “Democrat Horror Show 2024,” And You’ll Love It

[VIDEO] SNL Actually Does Hilarious Skit Called “Democrat Horror Show 2024,” And You’ll Love It

What happened to SNL? It used to be funny. Just like Late Night TV was once funny. It’s not funny anymore, because liberals are butt-hurt, and they can’t see past their own pain and strife. So, everything they talk about and write jokes about is done simply to soothe their personal and political angst. The writers, actors, and hosts all have Stage 5 TDS. Humor now means making “rape jokes” about Trump in prison, because that makes them feel better. They can lash out like weirdos, and their TDS compatriots will clap and howl with laughter. Meanwhile, the rest of us sane people are like, “Um…okay??…” as we switch off the TV.

It’s a shame to see this happen, but it’s not surprising. They’re all driving themselves into the ground, losing credibility, and in danger of losing their jobs, thanks to low ratings, but what do they care? As long as they toe the progressive line, it’s all worth it.

SNL has been one of the worst, in this category. They turned their entire show into the “Trump Hour” and then when Joe came shuffling along – who was literally a walking/talking joke – they sat back and did almost nothing with all that free material. Shame on them.

Forbes wrote an interesting piece on how SNL’s political humor had become painful. Now that Trump is gone, they don’t know what to do with themselves, because they can’t mock the regime.

SNL is stuck in a strange place, unwilling to attack Joe “I won’t ban fracking” Biden for his stagnant centrism, and unable to exaggerate the delirium of Trump’s verbal diarrhea. The alternate reality surrounding Trump acts like a psychic forcefield, impossible to shatter through parody – QAnon alone is more bizarre than anything even South Park has come up with.

Thus, SNL is stuck reciting lines that Trump already delivered, and crafting an alternate version of Biden, far removed enough to be inoffensive, and yet, offending the audience regardless.

It’s a humorless, no-win situation; “agony” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

So, imagine my surprise when SNL actually came up with a really clever, and pretty funny skit about how truly awful the Dem Party is…

I was floored and knew I had to share it with you.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people are saying about it:

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“Was that really SNL? Funny. Interesting that they made the effort.”

“SNL died a long time ago. May they rest in peace.”

“A day late and a dollar short….Let’s Go Brandon”

“SNL still isn’t funny. Even when they’re making fun of democrats.”

“I thought that was really funny, but it’s too late for me. SNL is dead” 

“That is so funny. The part about the “twisted minds at MORNING JOE” had me rolling. The left knows-they know they don’t have any good candidates to run in 2024 and they are spoofing themselves while parodying every really spooky movie in the last 20 years. This was so well done and it almost looked like something the Repubs did to make fun of the Dems.For once the Dems were actually making fun of themselves and their predicament. Refreshing.I actually forgot for a few moments just how depraved the left really is.”

“This was so good, I half wished it was for a real movie. Sad when SNL makes a more compelling fake trailer than movie studios producing actual horror films”

“That slap after Kamala was personal lmao”

“Okay I’ll admit the way they circled through the democratic candidates right back to Biden was pretty good writing”

“You know this could be the most terrifying movie to exist if they did just right.”

“Best skit I’ve seen in a while!! Kudos to the actors and writers!! More please!!”

It’s amazing to see the opportunity SNL missed by choosing politics over humor. They had so much to work with, thanks to Bumbling Joe and Word Salad Kamala. It could have literally been the number-one show on television.

But they’re progressives, and they always put politics first, so you can’t mock, or make fun of the Regime. They are all-knowing, and can’t be insulted.

Typical communists. 

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