[VIDEO] Dems Have to Be Panicking — Stacey Abrams Just Doomed Midterms With One Demonic Sentence

[VIDEO] Dems Have to Be Panicking — Stacey Abrams Just Doomed Midterms With One Demonic Sentence

The last two people on earth you want making grandiose statements of any kind are Joe Biden and Stacey Abrams. I guess we can add Kamala to that list too. But seriously, Stacey Abrams, who was once touted as “presidential material” by the left and the idiotic media, has shown herself to be a complete and total buffoon. Every time this woman opens her mouth, disaster dribbles out. She spent about 6 years or so pretending she was the “real” governor of Georgia, and now, after 2020, suddenly, she wasn’t an actual “election denier,” you see… She was just a warrior for fair elections.

Give me a break.

And this is the same woman, who also called to Defund the Police, but now is an advocate for cleaning up the streets. I will tell you what, Dems wouldn’t have standards if they didn’t have double standards. It’s shameless how they flip, flop, and pander to the American people as if they’re stupid, and don’t remember what they said a couple of months back.

But I will tell you this, out of all the stupid things Abrams has said, and there’s an entire buffet of stupidity to feast on, what she said on MSNBC recently, has to take the cake, and I will go so far as to say that it’s probably going to hurt Dems in the midterms. Yes, that’s how demonic and gross this is.

Abrams’s plan to combat Joe Biden’s inflation is for more women to have abortions. That way, if you don’t have kids, you won’t be worried about the cost of gas and food prices… Really?

Now, besides how morally despicable that statement is, it’s also foolish to think that ONLY people with kids are struggling to make it in Joe Biden’s crappy America. Everyone is miserable, except for his white, rich liberal base. They’re fine.

I think National Review writer Dan McLaughlin put it best when he said: “I didn’t really expect Democrats to go with “you know, it’s cheaper to feed your family if you kill a few of them” as a closing argument, yet here we are.”

You can watch the video below:

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This party has turned into such a pack of sick, depraved weirdos. I can’t even believe this is real.

So, you know that Dems are in pure panic mode right now, because Stacey did the unthinkable… She gave the right a major talking point with this gruesome statement that will be blasted everywhere, once again, reinforcing how out of touch and disturbed today’s Dem Party truly is.

It’s not Joe’s fault you’re suffering through this inflation, it’s that innocent, unborn baby’s fault — that’s the message Stacey is sending.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“When did this country run out of birth control? That’s the only reason I can think of that women are using abortion this way.” 

“Instead of pushing for abortions, why isn’t the left dedicating their base to use the birth control that’s readily available literally everywhere under the sun?” 

“It’s 2022, birth control is 99.99 effective, use it, and stop killing babies. Thanks” 

“I know a lot of single women who are struggling in this sh*tty economy, what’s their excuse, Stacey?” 

“Is it just me, or is this Dem party getting more creepy every day?” 

“I was a pro-choice independent. I am now a pro-life conservative because the left has gone too far and too gruesome with this love of abortion.” 

“Abortion should be a last resort, not birth control. Why is this so hard for grown adults to figure out?” 

“Now, unhinged women who worship this beast will be killing their kids so they can survive inflation” 

If inflation is impacting poor women, they should have protected sex or refrain from sex if they don’t have proper contraception, and avoid getting pregnant altogether. That way, they will have less stress and worry.

This is the message that should be preached, not what Stacey is doing. She’s a ghoul.

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