Transgender TikTok Star Arrested On Eight Counts of Child Sex Abuse

Transgender TikTok Star Arrested On Eight Counts of Child Sex Abuse

Well, I don’t think what I am about to tell you will come as a huge shock, but it is sad and heartbreaking. Another transgender has been arrested and charged with child sex abuse — 8 disgusting counts to be exact. And this man, who goes by the name “Rachel” is a TikTok star, with over 30K followers and a very disturbing and twisted “message.” But what makes this even worse, is that it might be more than the 8 charges. Investigators are still looking into things, like his laptop, and expect more charges could be coming.

Daily Wire reported that an Australian transgender TikTok star is facing a barrage of child sex abuse charges and authorities are examining the social media maven’s laptop to determine if more crimes against kids occurred.

Rachel Queen Burton, 44, known on the app as Rachel.queen8008, is accused of charges ranging from gross indecency to performing a sex act with a child, according to the Adelaide Advertiser. Burton, a biological male who lives in Coolalinga, has tens of thousands of followers on the app.

“Rachel Queen a proud Trans Woman living my best life with no regrets,” reads Burton’s TikTok description.

Burton has been in jail since June. The suspect appeared before the Adelaide Magistrates Court Thursday via video link from prison, but has yet to enter a plea, the site reported. Prosecutors asked the case be adjourned for 10 weeks while they analyze Burton’s laptop computer.

Burton’s attorney opposed the delay request for prosecutors, saying Burton wants the case “moved as quickly and as fast as possible.”

Magistrate Simon Smart scheduled the case to resume in December.

The alleged crimes took place in 2019 at various locations in rural South Australia. They include gross indecency, directing a person to sexually manipulate, and producing child exploitation material.

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None of Burton’s TikTok videos appear to be explicitly targeted to children, although the platform and its third-party content moderator, Teleperformance, have come under fire for their handling of child sexual abuse material. One criticism from U.S. lawmakers is that the company has used explicit images of child pornography to train moderators to root out such videos and pictures.

Burton has posted 545 videos to TikTok and has 36,100 followers. The account is still up, but the last video was posted on June 23. In it, Burton visits the house he lived in while identifying as a man, and describes having four children.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s high time this country stop glorifying mental illness and depravity. I don’t think I’ve ever seen children be at this much of a threat before, and most of it is coming from the left.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“All of these types who end up being sexual offenders seem to do horrible misogynistic parodies of women. What is up with that?”

“They were never gay in any sense of the word. They were always pedophiles and merely LARP to gain the trust needed for their atrocities.”

“If this were in America, FBI wouldn’t investigate it”

“Sometimes the book cover is enough.”

“Gee, who could have foreseen this?”

“He’s a he not a she”

“It’s always the ones you least suspect… sarcasm” 

“He looks like The Joker with long hair.”

“That’s every child’s worst nightmare. The monster who lives under the bed” 

“Wearing womanhood as a costume is offensive to me .”

“There seems to be a type and a pattern here, folks” 

“But the regime keeps saying these thing don’t happen?”

“Stevie Wonder could see that coming.”

“they’re all weird looking”

“Lock it up and throw away the key!”

We need to get back to Jesus and traditional wholesome values. This is like Sodom and Gomorrah on steroids.

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