[VIDEO] NASCAR Driver Collapses During LIVE TV Interview

[VIDEO] NASCAR Driver Collapses During LIVE TV Interview

Things have gotten so scary nowadays, with all these healthy people suddenly collapsing, that anytime you hear someone “fainted” you think… “Did they get up? Are they okay? Well, usually that answer is “no,” but thankfully this time, it’s a YES. A NASCAR driver was giving an interview right after his race when out of nowhere, he collapsed right there on live TV. The good news is he was able to get up and even finish the interview, so he seems to be okay. But still, very scary… and I’d probably get that looked at, given what’s been going on lately.

Sports Casting reported that after several years out of action, Trevor Bayne was given an opportunity to race a limited schedule this season in the Xfinity Series with Joe Gibbs Racing. He’s made the most of those chances, earning four top-5 finishes in seven races heading into the weekend’s race at Las Vegas.
It turned out to be an eventful day for the No. 18 car in the desert, including another costly pit road penalty that forced him to drive his way through the field. While his fifth-place finish was notable, it’s what happened after the race that had folks talking and concerned when the 2011 Daytona 500 winner fainted during the middle of his postrace interview.

Running a JGR car in a limited Xfinity Series schedule, Trevor Bayne had high expectations coming into this 2022 season. For the most part, he’s lived up to them, finishing in the top 10 in five of the seven races he’s competed. Unfortunately, pit road problems have dogged his team on multiple occasions.

After taking fifth in the Xfinity race in Las Vegas on Saturday, Bayne was having a post-race interview with NBC’s Parker Kligerman when suddenly he fainted and collapsed.


In a second take a few minutes later, Bayne talked with the racer-reporter about his collapse.

“I’m OK,” Bayne said. “We were talking and at the end of my talking I started feeling out of breath, and I was like, ‘Parker, I’m going to get too close here and I’m going to pass out.’ When I got out of the car, my left ear was ringing. I knocked the crush panels out so I don’t know if I just got gassed. All I can say is I guess I was trying as hard as I could.”
Bayne addresses fainting.

“Trevor Bayne describes why he fainted on pit road after the race and how he was feeling after being released from care center as well as his reaction to the penalty during the race. FYI, he was drinking an orange drink in case you see an orange tongue.”

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After being tended to by medical personnel and an unexpected trip to the infield care center, Fox’s Bob Pockrass visited with the driver and got an update on his condition.
“I feel OK. When I got out of the car, I felt like I needed to sit down,” he said. “The last 10 laps of that race, I knocked the crush panels out of the right side and probably didn’t drink enough the whole weekend out here. It’s so dry and you don’t realize when you’re not keeping up with hydration.

“I was coming out of the car, then Parker (Kligerman) came right over and I’m doing an interview. I talk a lot so the next thing you know I was out of breath and woke up on the ground. I’ve never passed out in my life. That was probably the weirdest experience that I’ve ever had.”

Doctors told him he had fainted due to being dehydrated.

Well, given all the fainting and “sudden” medical issues happening all over the world, I’d make an appointment with my doctor and get things (my heart) checked out, just in case.

We can’t be too careful nowadays, can we?

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