Trump Sues CNN For Defamation; Promises More Litigation To Other Companies In Coming Weeks

Trump Sues CNN For Defamation; Promises More Litigation To Other Companies In Coming Weeks

According to former president Donald Trump, CNN engaged in a “campaign of libel and slander” against him and exploited its stature as a major news source to fight against him in the political arena. He is filing a lawsuit in federal court in Florida against the US news network.

According to Mr. Trump, the network engaged in a “campaign of libel and slander” against him and used its clout as a major news source to undermine him politically.

The Republican also said in the complaint that CNN had called him racist, a “Russian lackey,” a “insurrectionist,” and a “Hitler” in libelous ways. When approached by the Reuters news agency, CNN declined to comment on the situation.

The former president is currently the subject of a criminal investigation by the Justice Department for keeping official documents at his Florida resort Mar-a-Lago after leaving office in January 2021.

Additionally, a complaint was issued on Mr. Trump and three of his children last month, claiming “years of bank, tax, and insurance fraud.”

Despite his little success, Trump hasn’t shied away from suing his adversaries after leaving office. A federal court in Florida dismissed his case last month after it claimed that Hillary Clinton and scores of other people had conspired against him using allegedly false allegations about Russia.

Trump v. Cable News Network Inc., 0:22-cv-61842, US District Court, Southern District of Florida, is the name of the lawsuit (Fort Lauderdale).

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A high school girl from Kentucky who was at the center of a viral video scandal and became a target for detractors of the mainstream media filed a $275 million lawsuit against the network in 2020, which the network resolved.

Public figures must establish a journalist’s genuine intent or reckless disregard for the truth in order to establish defamation, which is a difficult legal hurdle to overcome in order to uphold the First Amendment rights that the constitution grants to the free press. For for than 50 years, The New York Times, for instance, has not suffered a slander court loss.

A lawsuit against the former US president, his family, and the Trump Organization has been filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James. If it is successful, Mr. Trump’s capacity to conduct business in the state may be blocked for years. It also includes a referral for potential federal prosecution.

According to Ms. James, the sanctions might essentially amount to a “death sentence” for his organization.

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